June 2011 Church Newsletter

Peace Lutheran Church  Natoma, Kansas

June, 2011

The Lord will rescue me from every evil deed and bring me safely into His heavenly kingdom. To Him be the glory forever and ever. Amen.  2 Timothy 4:18

That is the theme Bible verse for our Vacation Bible School this year: A Big Jungle Adventure: A Faith Journey with Jesus.  Of course, that verse may also sound quite
familiar to us as it rings of the Seventh Petition and Conclusion to the Lord’s Prayer. ‘…but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.

Journeys in the jungle can be an exciting new adventure with new experiences as one encounters lions, tigers and bears (oh my!), but they can also be a little scary as the shadows and sounds can be deceiving.  We find this also to be true in life, many days are in fact exciting new adventures where we have new experiences with friends new and old; and yet we also find ourselves just a little bit scared of those things lurking in the shadows, those strange noises off in the distant that we hear but cannot explain.

And yet, we know that we are not on this journey unprepared.  Part of going into the jungle is going in with the things you need to survive.  And while the natural things to take on a
journey into the jungle are food and water, a compass, a map, and a first aid kit; journeying through life requires that we carry slightly different provisions.  On our journey in life we carry with us God’s Word to serve as our map.  We carry the water of Holy Baptism and the Body and Blood of the Lord’s Supper as our provisions.  And we carry
the sign of the cross upon both our foreheads and upon our hearts to mark us as one redeemed by Christ the crucified.

We also know that we are not on this journey alone.  Whenever you are out exploring or in an area that you are not familiar with or even someplace that you are familiar with, it is always good to have somebody with you just in case something goes wrong.  Well on our
journey through life, we know that we are never alone.  We do not enter circumstances, whether they are familiar or not without Jesus watching over us; and not just watching over us, but guiding us and providing for us.

As 2 Timothy 4:18 and the Seventh Petition to the Lord’s Prayer remind us, the Lord will rescue us, He will protect us from the evil one.  While we are looking out for those lions and tigers and bear, while we are watching our steps while crossing difficult bridges, while we are wondering where our next meal will come from; Jesus is thwarting the attacks on the evil one against us.

And in His stopping the attacks of the evil one, Jesus is protecting us from the dangers of those lions and tigers and bears; He is giving us strength as we cross those difficult bridges; He is making sure that there is adequate food and water to provide for His people; He is forgiving us for those sins where the evil one does draw us away.

The ultimate destination of this journey with Jesus is not to the top of the mountain or to cross a river; the destination is eternal life.  We journey this earthly life with Jesus as our guide, so that we might spend eternal life in eternal glory with Jesus.  And for that, we give Him thanks and praise for guiding us on this journey whose end is eternal life.

Please pray for those who will attend VBS this year that they might know that Jesus is their guide as they journey through this earthly life.  Please also for the teachers and the helpers who will lead the children on our VBS journey.

God Bless!  Pastor Schmidt 

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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