Movie Review: TRANSFORMERS 3

TRANSFORMERS: Dark of the Moon is the third installment of the TRANSFORMERS movie franchise.  It depicts the human Sam and his girlfriend helping the Autobots fight against the evil Decepticons continuing a war begun on the TRANSFORMERS home planet of Cybertron.

The underlying issue in this movie is the aspect of heroism and how it is lived out in daily life.  Sam, and his CIA agent friend Agent Smith, are finding life difficult despite their heroic acts in saving the world with the help of the Autobots.  Sam is unable to find a job
despite graduating from an Ivy League College; and Agent Smith has written a book, but during an interview on ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ to promote the book, O’Reilly calls him a pinhead and discounts the book as nonsense.

Despite their efforts in helping to save the world, Sam and Agent Smith are reaping little reward for their efforts

The other heroes who are still at work are the Autobots, who are now being blamed for their efforts in continuing to protect the humans from the evil Decepticons as the earthly version of their war is escalating and causing extensive damage to Washington DC, among other places.

The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, realize that the humans are afraid and do not really understand the complexities of the war; however they are unwilling to leave, even under orders from the governments of the world, and allow the Decepticons take over.

In Dark of the Moon, the Autobots are again ordered to leave the planet, and they do so
willingly, only to return later to have a massive fight with the Decepticons.  It is later that Optimus Prime explains to Sam that the Autobots had to pretend to leave in order to prove to the humans the true evil intent of the Decepticons and why the Autobots had to fight and destroy them.

It is here that we see true heroism at work.  Whereas Sam and Agent Smith were trying to
capitalize on their fame and use it to their advantage and wanted people to sit up and take notice of them; Optimus Prime realizes that sometimes being a hero means letting people see what you were actually trying to save them from in the first place.

The humans in Dark of the Moon are thereby a very accurate depiction of humans everywhere.  More often than not, we to would like to go out on our own, wishing that God would get off of our backs and let us do as we please and fight our own battles, because it seems that the more God tries to help us, the more grief we end up in.  How many of us have stormed away wishing that God would just leave us alone?

It is when we do go out on our own, and face those tribulations on our own that we discover the devil’s true intent for us.  The devil may have tempted us with visions of
power and glory, but we soon discover his true intent is death and destruction, and that we are nothing more than mere pawns, which the devil is more than willing to dispose of to meet his own purposes.

How encouraging that even when we tell God to leave us alone, He never does.  We may think we are on our own, but Jesus has promised that He will never leave us or forsake
us.  Even when the devil is tempting us and luring us away, God is watching over us, calling us back into His presence, and of course, fighting the battle for us, winning the victory on our behalf.

Once more the humans came to realize in Dark of the Moon that the Autobots were looking out for their protection.  This movie will make a lot of money, so you can be sure a fourth installment will come in which the humans will again forget what the Autobots have done for them and demand they leave the planet.  And you can be sure that the Autobots will only pretend to leave, and continue to protect the humans.

Fortunately we do not have to wait for another movie to come out to be reminded that our heavenly Father will always be watching out for us, protecting us the crafts and assaults of the devil, and winning the victory that is ours through Jesus Christ our Lord.

An Aside:

At the end of the movie, Sam and his girlfriend Carly are re-united after the battle and they both say ‘I love you’ to one another, something that had previously been missing in their relationship.  Sam promises that he will always be there for her forever and ever, to which Carly responds ‘now what?’ and Bumblebee, Sam’s car, produces some washers and sprockets meant to be a ring and begins playing ‘Here comes the bride’ on his radio; to which Sam’s response is that that was moving a little to fast.

Sadly, despite Sam’s heroics in saving the world, he does not show much heroics in setting a good moral example.

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