Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger leaves much to be desired.  In my opinion, it should really have been made into two movies: the first on how Captain America came to be, ending with the big rescue operation; and then the second movie picking up with the destruction of the remainder of the factories and developing the romances and character of Captain America/Steven Rogers, particularly following a Spiderman 3 model,
where Rogers becomes arrogant with his power, reminiscent of the warning given
to him to always remain good.

But they did not ask for my opinion in making this movie and so it is what it is: a two hour preview for the coming Summer 2012 blockbuster movie: The Avengers.

Nevertheless, Captain America does leave us some insights.  The most interesting is in Captain America himself.  His main weapon is a shield made of a super metal, that acts as a boomerang that is able to knock down, presumably killing, anyone who gets in its way.  When Captain America has this shield, he is unstoppable; when he does not, he is still
strong and able to fight, but his power is severely weakened.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the final fight scene, where Captain America is in a plane loaded with bombs headed for the United States to destroy many major cities.
When he has the shield and can use it to attack his enemies, Captain America is unstoppable; but when he loses it for periods of time, he is largely helpless.

What that shield and Captain America reminds us of is the Word of God.  The Word is an awesome weapon to have in our arsenal, and when we have it at our disposal the hordes
of hell do not stand a chance against us.  But when we allow that Word to falter, when we are careless with it, then we are more susceptible to the tricks and traps of the devil.

The reminder is clear: cling to the Word, remain strong in the Word, and you will have a powerful weapon against the devil and his angels; disregard the Word, ignore its warnings, and you will find yourself helpless against these same attacks.

I will go see The Avengers when it comes out next Summer, but in the meantime, I will take the year to study the Word and strengthen my recourses against the devil whose attacks are constant.  I pray you do the same.

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One Response to Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

  1. moviegeek says:

    As popcorn movies go, this is a lot better than you might expect.

    The film-makers are obviously very aware of the cynical eyes of today’s audience towards jingoism and that slight anti-American feeling that is slowly creeping in beyond their own country. A misstep too far in bringing this latest superhero to the screen might not only jeopardize their international box office, but also their long-awaited spin-off “The Avengers” of which “Captain America” was the last crucial missing link (and yes, I will definitely go to see that too!!!)

    So instead falling into the traps of the obvious patriotic gush and just updating the story for the modern audience, into a modern setting, director Joe Johnston decided to stay true to the origins of his hero and kept the story rooted in 194os, during WW2 deciding to concentrate more on the old-fashion moral decency of the characters than their “let’s kick some ass” type of mentality.


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