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Music Review: Justin Bieber’s ‘I Pray’

There are many ways in which to review a song.  Most people will look at the beat and tempo and cadence and other musical features.  Others may want to focus on the words, perhaps a recurring chorus.  Ultimately the issue … Continue reading

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September 2011 newsletter

Peace Lutheran Church Natoma, Kansas  September, 2011 This month marks the 10th anniversary of September 11, 2001; and there will a lot of people discussing where they were on September 11th as the events of that day took place. The … Continue reading

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Genesis 3 all over again

I spent much of the day in a car.  And in my driving I rotated between four stations on my XM radio: two music stations and two sports stations. Both sports stations had wall to wall discussion, analysis, phone calls, … Continue reading

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Million Dollar Question

Someone gave me a million dollars today. Well, not really.  While I was in the mall someone put what looks like a million dollar bill in the rear windshield wiper of my car.  The fake bill is really a religious … Continue reading

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Back to Church Sunday

I, and by relation, the church I serve, get a great deal of unsolicited mail.  We do not ask for this mail, we never signed up for this mail; it just shows up.  Some of it comes weekly, others come … Continue reading

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