The Doctrine of Creation and the Church

On Saturday, I attended 4 sessions for a combined five hours, in which Brian Young spoke on creation.  Each of the four sessions was presented in a room of roughly 50 people, most of those people were there for all four sessions, while others came and went to the other sessions taking place at the same time.

Young clearly has a passion for the work he does and he presents the fruits of his work with full gusto to young and old alike.  His website reflects that he is a very much sought
after speaker on the issue of creation.

Now of what he presented, not much was new to me.  Over the past two years, I have
discovered a variety of resources from Answers in Genesis which have answered a large number of the questions that I myself have had over the years on Genesis 1-11.

But what led me to stay for all four of his sessions as opposed to leaving and making the three hour drive home was the amazement once again, that just by reading the Bible and doing a little bit of homework in the realm of Earth Science and Biology, literally blows away even the most hardened evolutionist.

What also led me to stay for all four sessions, was the agony that so many people, but especially young people are hearing the lies of evolution presented as factual evidence and do not have the background in order to blow away these same evolutionists.

I know that for a fact because I was one of those who heard evolution presented, never heard anything from the Church to contradict it, and so assumed it to be true.

I clearly remember being in junior high and high school and hearing that God created the world in 6 days in religion class; and then going to science class and hearing that the world was billions of years old.  I remember watching science shows on television which trumpeted the marvels of evolution, and I remember never hearing a thing about how to answer it in Sunday School, confirmation, sermons, newsletters, nothing.

I clearly remember not hearing any answers to evolution in the two years I spent at a Catholic college; nor at the other two years of college I spent at Concordia College in Bronxville where I took no fewer than 15 religion classes.  And while I remember discussing the reliability of the Old Testament manuscripts and that the Church taught the doctrine of 6 day creation, I never heard a single answer to the question of evolution other than the philosophical answer that when you look out the window at creation, it is clear that it did not happen by chance.

Why?  The only answer I can come up with is that the Church has a tendency to shoot itself in the foot, and occasionally misses and shoots itself in the head.

The fact that I stumbled upon the answers to evolution is due to a variety of issues, none of which is related to my attending Christian schools from kindergarten through seminary.  How many others have experienced the same schooling and not found the answers to evolution yet?  How many others are sitting in public schools and are hearing nothing but evolution on a daily basis?  How many are sitting in churches today and hearing nothing about the church’s doctrine of creation?

What is the answer?  It is time for the Church to reclaim its territory.  It is time for the Church to start answering the questions that are drawing people away from the faith.  It is time for the Church to start teaching what it actually believes; because if the Church is not going to believe what it teaches, than how can it expect others to?

This is more than just a call for the occasional question and answer session, or for the once a year  one day workshop in which information is poured out in such massive quantities that it is impossible to absorb it all.  This is a call to re-do the Lectionary system to provide for more opportunities to preach on Genesis 1-11.  This is a call for Sunday School curriculum that includes teaching apologetics to children as young as kindergarten.  This is a call for schools at all levels: day schools, high schools, colleges and seminaries to fire anyone who teaches evolution.  This is a call for the Church to start producing its own textbooks that do not contradict what is being taught in the religion classes.  This is
a call for the Church to provide resources to parents in order that they may teach creation to their children.

This is a call for the Church to believe, teach and confess what the Church actually believes, teaches and confesses.

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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