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December 2011 church newsletter

Peace Lutheran Church Natoma, Kansas December, 2011 If you watch television for more than an hour on any given night, the odds are pretty good that you will see one of a variety of commercials for  The commercials feature … Continue reading

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Happy New Church Year!

Happy New Year! Probably not what you were expecting to hear on the last Sunday in November, in which much of the world is still winding down Thanksgiving and gearing up for Christmas.  But the Church does not operate on … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Litany

I wrote this for the November, 2008 edition of the Church newsletter. It is offered here for your benefit. Think of a member of the community who gives of their time, and say Thanks be to God. Think of someone … Continue reading

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Secrets of Prayer

In this new and modern age where people apparently have no morals and no sense of shame; in a world where there are no less than a dozen mediums offering one the opportunity to post anything and everything they could … Continue reading

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More great church inventions

Previously, I wrote an article on the wonders of the bulletin insert; today we look at another great invention of the church: the newsletter, particularly, the pastor’s article. Church newsletters take many different shapes and forms.  Some rival the New … Continue reading

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You don’t like it? You do it!

I recently watched a series of videos on the state of the LCMS by President Matt Harrison. Several things stuck out in those videos, and I may blog about a few of them over the next few days.  First and … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots is designed to serve as a quasi-prequel to Shrek 2 where one first meets the infamous cat named Puss in Boots, a cat who carries a sword while wearing a hat and boots.  The connection between the … Continue reading

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