Movie Review: Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots is designed to serve as a quasi-prequel to Shrek 2 where one first meets the
infamous cat named Puss in Boots, a cat who carries a sword while wearing a hat and boots.  The connection between the cat we see in Shrek 2 and the cat in Puss in Boots is apparently that they have the same name and voice, but how we get from here to there, I am not entirely sure; but that detail can be left for another day.

Puss in Boots ultimately has at its heart a message about friendship and forgiveness; and since we can’t seem to have any movie without a little sexual innuendo, that to.

Puss experiences something that most people can relate to: despite having similar upbringings and similar backgrounds, and experiencing a significant amount of your lives together, the people you are friends with growing up, do not always end up the same as you do as adults, for better or for worse.  In Puss’s case, his best friend growing up was fellow orphan Humpty Dumpty, who as an adolescent tried to get Puss into trouble and as an adult, now continues in his life of crime.

The line of the movie comes at the end where after Humpty performs a heroic and sacrificial deed Puss remarks: ‘I always knew there was good in that egg.’

To get to that point though, Puss must work with Humpty and female cat Kitty Soft Paws, in stealing the goose that lays the golden egg.  Despite bitter feelings toward Humpty, Puss displays a level of shallowness that the lure of gold can overcome even long held grudges.

Based on their journey and their near-death experience, Puss is led to forgive Humpty and welcome him back as a friend, only to be double crossed again when Humpty and Kitty abandon Puss, taking all of the gold.

It is here that we see the goal of the movie repentance and forgiveness.  Kitty discovers that her love for Puss is stronger than her love for gold and repents, turning away from Humpty and the gold, and helps Puss break out of jail.

Humpty Dumpty’s repentance comes when he is faced with death, and discovers that Puss is willing once more to forgive him and even save his life.  Humpty Dumpty’s decision to sacrifice in order to spare the town leads Puss to remark ‘I always knew that there was good inside of him.’

Puss’s remark is reminiscent of Luke in Star Wars insisting that his father, Darth Vader, still had good in him, and when his heart finally softened, was led to save Luke at the cost of his own life.

The truth is that yes, as children created by God and redeemed by the blood of Jesus, yes, there is good inside of all people.  But the power of the devil overwhelms many so that they are like Humpty: always conspiring, always double crossing, and never to be trusted.

Puss’s forgiveness of Humpty points to how we as Christians should treat those trapped in sin: forgiving them and leading a God-pleasing life in their presence in the hope that they might come back to the faith, repent and receive the forgiveness of sins.

Because in the end, even Humpty Dumpty repented of his sins as he was about to die, showing that there was always time for him to repent, thus showing the good in him.

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