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Christmas Letter

Peace Lutheran Church Natoma, Kansas  Christmas, 2011 It is the one of the few universal traditions in the Christian Church: lit candles on Christmas Eve during the singing of Silent Night.  Oh sure, the hymns may vary from church to … Continue reading

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Christmas and the Cross

I wrote this last Christmas, and post it here for your enjoyment. In a sense, you could call me a bit compulsive, or neurotic, or if you wanted to be kind, just a bit bored. We have Lutheran Service Book … Continue reading

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Christmas Evangelism

A couple years ago, I heard a Seminary professor speak about Evangelism programs.  And his theory was that congregations should try to do their Evangelism events (such as a Friendship Sunday) on Palm Sunday, because there is the direct draw … Continue reading

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Thirty Years: A Child of God

In my mind, it was just another morning.  I was sleeping quite soundly and the only thing on my mind was breakfast, and then perhaps some more sleep before lunch. And yet in the midst of my slumber, I was … Continue reading

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What the Hall of Fame can teach us.

About this time last year I made several comments about the election of Bert Blyleven to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I felt that while he was certainly a good pitcher, he was never a Hall of Fame pitcher.  His … Continue reading

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Advent Counting

So I put my Advent calendar up the other day.  That is not out of the ordinary, but this year it did strike me as a little odd.  Not that I put it up, and not that my Advent calendar … Continue reading

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