Newspaper Devotional

Starting today, I am in a rotation to write an article titled: The Pastor’s Corner for the Natoma-Luray Independent section of The Russell County News. Here is today’s article:

Happy New Year!

With the arrival of 2012, many are making their plans for the new year.  Indeed as we begin this new year, many are looking at colleges or at future employment.  Others are looking toward reunions and vacations or even something as simple as a change in the weather.

Today, just a few days into the New Year, plans for the next twelve months abound.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, some already have the entire year planned out.

Planning ahead is certainly a worthy thing to do.  Certainly no one wants to be caught off guard by events, or come to the end of the school year, or the end of the harvest season and see that they were unprepared.

King David certainly had plans for the future.  In 2 Samuel 7, David’s plan was to build God a permanent dwelling place in Jerusalem.  David even discussed the plan with Nathan the prophet, and we can imagine that after Nathan said ok, that David was up all night making the plans for the magnificent temple that he would build for God.

But that very night, God spoke to Nathan and told him that David would not build Him a house.  David’s plan to put his mark on Jerusalem in the form of a temple for the Lord God was ended before it even began.  God had other things in mind for David.

David’s plan of a house for God, while well intentioned, was not God’s plan.  God had other things in mind for David, and for His future house in Jerusalem.

As your plans for the coming year begin to take form, as you look at what you will study while in college; or what kind of job you will find; or where you will take that vacation, you place those plans into God’s hands.  Your plans may be well intentioned and have the best interests of others at heart; but they are made with the confidence that God will always guide you.

God’s plan was not for David to build Him a house, for God had better things in store for David, including a house of kings for David that would eventually lead to the eternal king of Jesus.

As you make your plans for 2012, make them with confidence, but make them knowing that God might have something better in mind for you for 2012 and beyond.

God Bless! Pastor Schmidt   

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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