Reflecting on LSB #685

I have been meaning to write this for some time.  One of the most memorable moments I have from serving as a delegate to the 2010 LCMS convention is after lunch on Tuesday Rev. Ken Klaus was doing the devotion, and closed with the assembly singing Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus.  Since Sunday afternoon the assembly had been fighting over the proposed restructuring changes, and after Rev. Klaus’s devotion we would be voting for President, a vote in which no one was quite sure of how it would turn out.

And yet despite the two full days of bickering, and regardless of how the vote would turn out, we would still be a Synod; a organized collection of congregations working together for the purpose of spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth.

Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus is a wonderful hymn expressing our life together, because we do not walk alone, nor do we walk as divided sub-sections of a larger group; instead we walk as a unit, we walk as a group united under one common confession of faith.  We walk with Jesus.

And as each verse of the hymn states, this is a lifelong walk with Jesus.  It begins with our call to faith; includes the possibility of suffering for the sake of the Gospel; includes the harsh reality that as sinful mortals we will suffer death but does not leave us there; for in verse 4 we have the promise of eternal life with Christ.

The hymn is perfect for baptisms, confirmations, weddings, anniversaries, and yes, districts and Synod gathered in convention.

I know the standby hymn for every congregation’s anniversary is The Church’s One Foundation, but perhaps Let Us Ever Walk with Jesus might also be appropriate, detailing the Christian life and saying that we do not walk this earthly road of sin and sorrow alone, for we walk with Jesus.

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