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Call Etiquette

Recently, a relatively well known LCMS pastor took a call from the congregation he was serving to work for the LCMS International Center.  The response to this was two-fold: he received many comments congratulating him on his new call; and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Forks and Spoons

For Christmas, my parents bought me a set of silverware.  To be honest, I do not know why they bought me silverware for Christmas.  The silverware I had, albeit missing a fork that mysteriously disappeared, was working just fine.  And … Continue reading

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March 2012 newsletter

Peace Lutheran Church   Natoma, Kansas March, 2012 Growing up, I went to Lutheran school; which meant that every day we had religion class.  And I can remember that every time we studied the Old Testament, we looked at Genesis, and … Continue reading

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Lent 2012

The season of Lent looks quite daunting when it begins.  It is 6½ weeks from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.  A month and a half.  In a world where everything is instant, that is a long time. It is this … Continue reading

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Fixing the College Problem

Let’s face it.  The college system is broken in more ways than one.  If you go to college and know what you want to do, you are forced to spend four years with classmates, half of whom do not know … Continue reading

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A good day, but still a day

On Saturday, February 18, the Church commemorates Dr. Martin Luther.  Today, February 16, the Church celebrates LCMS President Dr. Matthew Harrison.  Today, he went before congress along with a Catholic Bishop, a Jewish Rabbi and 2 Baptist teachers and testified … Continue reading

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The Pastor’s Corner

This is my artile that was published today in the Natoma-Luray Independent section of the Russell County News. In too deep Last week, I got involved in a discussion on facebook regarding a controversial topic that has been in the … Continue reading

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