A most unhappy Birthday

Today, Charles Darwin celebrates his 203rd birthday.  If you forgot to get a card, well, don’t feel too badly, because he celebrates this birthday in his grave.

But while he celebrates this birthday decaying in his grave, I would like to take a moment and wish him a most unpleasant day.  For there are only a handful of scientists whose names we remember after they have died, and the name Charles Darwin is most certainly one of them.

Darwin is most popular for his book Origin of the Species, which promotes the concept of evolution.  The idea is not original to Darwin, but he has come to personify the theory more than anyone else in history.  The book promotes the idea that man evolved from monkey’s, and by relation, this would require a very old earth theory.

Today, the truth is that anyone who studies the human body for more than 10 minutes could tell you that it is so complex and intricately designed that evolution is virtually impossible, no matter how many years you gave it.

And yet the idea is still accepted as fact among many.

In recent discussions, I have been told by some in the Church that the idea of evolution is so ridiculous and easy to disprove that it is not even worth talking about.  This is true; except that colleges and universities continue to discuss and study the idea looking for any sign that evolution might be possible.

But suppose we were to do as some would like, and take evolution off the table; the concept of Darwin’s book, the idea that perhaps he did originate is the ever popular phrase: survival of the fittest.  In terms of evolution, the weaker members would die off, leaving only the strongest to evolve and develop.  And one could even argue that this is true: certain animals only survive today (i.e. certain house pets) because humans go to extreme lengths to make them survive; if they were left outside in the wild, they would die off.

But the idea of survival of the fittest has been applied to not just animals, but to humans.  How many mothers are advised to abort their child because he will be born with Down Syndrome?  Or how many mothers are advised to abort because their child will be born with Autism?  Or how many mothers are advised to abort because the child will be short?  Or obese?  Or bald?

Man is a fallen creature, and would have come up with the idea of abortion and the holocaust even if Darwin had not come up with his own idea of survival of the fittest, but he did, and now the blood of 54 million aborted babies in the United States points to him.  The blood of the holocaust points to him.  The blood of absurd science experiments conducted on the Aborigines in Australia and on African Americans in the United States points to him.

And so on this the 203rd birthday of Charles Darwin, I wish him a most unpleasant day.  He probably thought he was going to raise mankind up to a higher evolved level with his work; instead he contributed to casting man down into a hell from which we may never recover.

A most Un-Happy Birthday Charles Darwin.

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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One Response to A most unhappy Birthday

  1. Your ignorance knows no bounds. You haven’t even got Charles Darwin’s birthday right.

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