Who ever thought of this?

There are a few things in the history of the world that make you stand back and say ‘who ever thought that this would be a good idea?’ because some things are just so contrary to what humans think, that it defies human logic that anyone would have ever said: ‘looks good to me.’

Of course many of these things came about in an effort to make money, and there are many days when money will trump the good senses of even the most level headed of people.

But what about abortion?  Whoever looked at the practice of abortion and said, ‘yes, this is what we want to do.’  Whoever looked at the practice of murdering unborn children and thought that this would somehow benefit society?

There is no sugarcoating this practice.  It can be described in no other way than the murdering of the most vulnerable who have no voice of their own.  One can only shudder at the thought that in 100 years, people will look back at the United States and Europe and China and the rest of the world and ask ‘how could something like this ever be allowed to happen in a civilized society.’

We look back at societies in the Old Testament and wonder how those barbarians that surrounded Israel could have ever sacrificed their own children, and yet we do the exact same thing today in abortion.

And so the question must be asked: who thought that this was a good idea?  Who looked at the doctor performing the first abortions and did not grab him and throw him out of the house?  Who ever thought to recommend such a procedure to their friends and family as something that they too might want to consider?

Of course, one can point back to Margaret Sanger, among others, who promoted abortion, and birth control by relation.  Their motivation was first and foremost racism; not to mention some shortsighted concerns about population control and preventing disease.

But we live in a far different society today.  The racism that Sanger practiced has been at the very least minimalized, if not eradicated in much of the United States; science has taught us that you cannot prevent diseases via abortion; and technological advances have eliminated concerns about population controls, and yet abortion continues.

And so one is left to wonder: what causes abortion to continue today?  Why has society not risen up and tarred and feathered any doctor who would even consider offering the procedure?

And worse yet, what leads people who should know better to advocate for the free practice of abortion?  What shroud covers the eyes of Christians to the clear words of scripture that declare life to be precious in all stages?  What distortion overtakes teachers, who clearly see the joys of children in their daily work, to advocate for their elimination?  What amount of money does it take for a politician to sell his soul and obstruct legislation that would in some way discourage the continuing practice of abortion?

There is an answer to this question of what has caused some to think abortion to be a good idea.

Genesis 3 and the fall into sin is the clear answer.  Adam and Eve fell into sin, and society has been falling further and further away from God ever since.  The fact that abortion is not just allowed, but even encouraged is a sign of just how far humanity has fallen since Genesis.  The sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, who were at one point meant to live forever, are now so corrupted by sin that they have taken to killing those who have not yet been born.

Who thought abortion was a good idea?  Satan.  Who thinks that encouraging people to have abortions is a good idea?  Satan.  Who is there in the ears, in the hearts, in the minds, of people telling them that they should abort the life that God has declared to be holy and precious?  Satan.

That is the absolute lowest point that one can reach in the fall from sin: not only to abort the unborn; but to support the continued practice.

100 years from now, I shudder to think what people will think of our civilization that aborted the unborn.  They will probably think that we were a heartless and depraved society, that did not in any way show concern for the unborn.

But I take courage from the fact that they will also look back and see that there was a committed group of faithful Christians who advocated for the end of abortion.  They will look back and see that there was a strong voice raising up from the fray that advocated the sanctity of life from the moment of conception to the day when one enters the arms of Jesus.

They will look back and they will give thanks to God for people like you and me who saw that this was an idea that should have never been allowed to continue for as long as it did, and brought about an end to this atrocity upon humanity.

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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