Thoughts on Frozen Planet

Over the past few nights I have taken in some of the new show Frozen Planet on the Discovery Channel.  I would recommend it for your viewing pleasure if for no other reason than some of the absolutely amazing footage they have of the animals in the Arctic region.

This is at least in part a science show on a cable channel; so that means that you are going to get at least some of the evolution bologna that is so typical in this day and age.  And to be sure, while watching the other night there was a subtle reference to global warming while discussing a glacier melting and collapsing into the sea.

But other than that reference, I am largely surprised that the evolution drum has not been beaten to the point where one is left to assume that the only thing not evolving over the course of so called billions of years is the frozen tundra itself.

I believe that one of the reasons that the evolution drum has not been beat so loudly and repeatedly on Frozen Planet is because the video evidence would beg to differ with the mantra.

Would anyone really believe that the whales working together to throw the sea lion of his perch on a floating piece of ice only came about because of billions of years of the whales trying and failing, and the sea lion being dumb enough to keep sitting there?

Would anyone really believe that the penguins who huddle together in large groups with their eggs between their feet during the bitterly harsh winters, really evolved to this point after millions of years?  Of course not, all the penguins would have died after the first winter.

And what about the wolves being smart enough to gather and save some food for as the narrator called it ‘a rainy day’?  How many years did it take for him to learn that?  Or even the Arctic’s version of the caterpillar who does not freeze to death during the winter because his heart and lungs stop and his interior pumps a kind of anti-freeze to keep him alive?  How many died before that kicked in?

No, the evolution drum beat is pretty quiet on Frozen Planet because the evidence so clearly suggests that it was not evolution, but God’s perfect design that brought about the ability of these animals to survive in the Arctic region.

And the truth is that it is not just Arctic animals that have God’s perfect design, it is all animals that have been perfectly designed by God to do what they do, and the reality is that they do it quite well.

Developed over billions of year?  Hogwash, they all would have died within the first decade.  Perfectly designed by God?  Yes, and that is what they are alive today.

I credit Frozen Planet thus far.  They have resisted for now what everyone else does on a regular basis.  Of course in their case, they had no choice; they would have been laughed off the air if they even tried to suggest it.  Too bad others do not see the evidence that is clearly before them.

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