Frozen Planet Finale

A couple weeks back, I wrote a glowing review for the Discovery Channel’s series exploring the Artic entitled Frozen Planet.  In that post, I wrote how the series was surprisingly not banging the evolution drum very loudly because the evidence so clearly disagreed.  No rational person would think that it was the result of evolution that animals could survive in such a climate, or that the whales could evolve so that they would work together to toss a seal into the water, or that penguins could know to carry their egg between their feet and not drop it on the ice.

I applauded them for not doing what so many others do as naturally as breathing.  One of the reasons I enjoyed the series so much was for the very reason that they were not pushing evolution to the point where it would make one sick.  They were merely narrating what they saw to be the way the animals behaved.  They did not say that it was the result of God’s perfect design that these animals were able to survive, but it required little more than a skip and a jump to make the conclusion that God was clearly involved.

And then they aired last night’s final episode of the 8 part series entitled: On Thin Ice.

All of a sudden what was a nice series with some amazing footage of animals and their daily life turned into an hour long megaphone insisting that the Artic, both in the North and the South, was melting away at an alarming rate.


First the hypocrisy of the issue: if this is your grand conclusion, then the previous seven weeks were a total lie.  For seven weeks everything was presented as perfectly fine, with no major issues, just showing the daily life of animals in the Artic.  To tell me now that the Artic could be gone within a mere 100 years is insane.  Don’t tell me everything is perfectly natural for seven weeks, and then spend an hour telling me that everyone is going to die.

The perfect example of this is that for seven weeks, the polar bear was shown as walking around dealing with the elements without any pressing issues.  In On Thin Ice, a polar bear was being examined in the Artic, with the story that the polar bears are increasingly losing weight due to a decrease in the availability of food as a result of melting ice and seals being further out in the water.

Second there is the overall issue of global warming.  Despite claims to the contrary, we only have records of temperatures on earth for a certain period of time, and that period of time rarely exceeds 150 years.

Here is the problem though: that 150 years is for places like New York, London and Paris.  We have only been exploring the Artic for a little over 100 years.  So too say that the temperatures are rising, or that the ice is melting faster than any other time in history is impossible to prove, because we simply do not have the data to prove it.

Now I am not denying that the ice is melting right now; there was some photographic evidence shown to prove that.  But I am not going to say that ice will never be there again, who is to say that in another 100 years, the ice will not be further out then it has ever been before?

Which leads to the problem with science: on the one hand, science will insist that the world has been evolving and changing for millions of year; but on the other hand, if there is even the slightest change today, science will immediately say that we are on the brink of complete annihilation.

Now on that I will agree with science: we are on the brink of utter annihilation, but not because ice is melting in the Artic, but because we are living in the Last Day’s and the creation is groaning in agony because of sin.  Unlike science, we do have Biblical evidence that the world is in a continuing decline that will result in a continuing worsening of conditions, which means the earth will at times be to warm and at other times to cold.

Frozen Planet ultimately decided at the end, that what formed the ice in the Artic could never possibly happen again.  And in that they denied the basic tenets of science: science looks for reproducible events, anything else is impossible.  So in the end, Frozen Planet acknowledged that the Artic is a miracle, perfectly designed by God, but currently feeling the pains of creation along with the rest of the world.

I knew there was something I liked about this series.

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