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Firmly Rooted, Freely Soaring

One of my favorite banners that hung in church when I was growing up was a banner that read ‘Firmly Rooted – Freely Soaring’.  The top half of the banner showed a new plant reaching up higher and higher; while the bottom half of the banner showed the roots of the plant firmly anchored in the ground.

The message of the banner was simple: we, God’s people, are that plant and we can reach higher and higher into the sky, but we only do so when we are firmly rooted in God’s Word.

The image of that banner comes to mind as graduation ceremonies at all levels occur not just in our area, but around the country.  Over the next 6 weeks, students of all ages will hear a challenge and charge that they are the new generation that the world has been waiting for, that they should always reach for the stars, and that nothing is out of their reach.

To varying degrees, that is all true.  But while a diploma or certificate may open doors and free one to pursue new opportunities and soar as high as the heavens, the second half of that banner should not be forgotten.

We are freely soaring, but we are also rooted in something that does not give way so easily:  God’s Word.  The world has no limitations and no restrictions; but as baptized children of God, we play by a different set of rules.

You are the new generation that the world has been waiting for, but if you are not rooted in God’s Word, then you are no different than any other generation.  You should reach for the stars, but remember that stars have points, and grabbing hold of one may cause you to drop others.  Nothing is out of your reach, but some things are not worth reaching for if they require you to sacrifice your faith in Christ.

No doubt you have spent years studying and practicing for this moment when your name will be called, the crowd will cheer, and you will receive that diploma that you have worked so hard for, but what determines the future, what determines how far you will go is how firmly rooted you are in the sure foundation of God’s Word.  That is what will change the world; that is what will make you a generation to be remembered; that is what will make you different.

Anyone can be freely soaring, but are they soaring because the wind blows them this way and that, or are they soaring because of the firm foundation that they are anchored in?  Christ is that firm foundation for you, He is that which gives you continued growth, He is that which clings to you as you cling to Him.  Through Christ, you are firmly rooted and freely soaring.

God Bless!  Pastor Michael Schmidt

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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