Leadership Series: Herod Antipas – Looking for signs

Read St. Luke 23:6-17

Leaders are always the last to know.  They are the last to know when their time in the sun has come to an end; they are the last to know about the real problems and the real issues that are facing the people in the proverbial trenches, they are the last to know where the true power lies.

Herod Antipas definitely falls into this group.  He is the son of Herod the Great, and has been involved in the rule of Israel both internally and externally his entire life.

He finds himself in the right place: he is in Jerusalem for the Passover celebration.  Everyone is coming to Jerusalem these days for the Passover requirement, and so this is the perfect place for him to see those whom he rules over, and for him to be seen by those whom he rules over.

But he also finds himself at the same time in the wrong place.  Pilate is looking for an out in the trial of the first century and he has found one: it is Herod Antipas.  Jesus comes from Herod’s territory, it is only natural that Herod is the one who should have to deal with Him and the chief priests and the scribes who have brought the charges against Jesus.

Despite being the ruler over the area that Jesus has spent a majority of His ministry, Herod has never met Jesus.  He has heard of Jesus, heard of some of the things that He has done, but has never actually met Him.

That seems odd.  If you are a leader you need to know who the movers and the shakers are in your area.  You need to know who is on the rise and who is on the decline.  But then again, leaders are always the last to know.  Herod is the last to know who Jesus is, the last to meet Him, the last to question Him.

Herod is excited to meet Jesus, has long wanted to meet Him and ask Him questions.  But again His timing is all wrong.  Herod actions are what one would expect at the height of Jesus’ popularity, but today, Jesus is not performing miracles or doing signs and wonders, instead He is on His way to the cross.

Herod wants miracles, he wants something spectacular; but Jesus will not accommodate him.

Or does He?

Herod gets a sign of power and glory, a sign far greater than all the other signs that Jesus has done.  But again, he is the last to know.

Jesus is going to the cross to accomplish the plan of salvation.  Right in front of Herod, Jesus will go to the cross suffer and die, and then three days later, Jesus will rise from the dead.  Herod’s gets the sign that He wanted, the sign to prove that Jesus is the Son of God, the sign to show that Jesus is the long promised Messiah.

Herod is the last one to know that he is not going to stop the plan of salvation.  He is the last one to know that Jesus is who He says that He is.

Don’t be a Herod; don’t be the last one to know about Jesus.

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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