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This is my article that was published in the Natoma-Luray Independent of The Russell County News.

The Decision

The first presidential election I can remember actually following was 1992.  Part of the reason for this interest was because we had a mock debate and election in class sometime around the actual Election Day.  The majority of the class favored Bill Clinton; the rest favored George Bush; and one person favored Ross Perot.

The part I remember most was the shock that one classmate went home in favor of Bush (even argued in the debate on his behalf), and came back the next day for the election and voted for Clinton.

I never quite understood why she changed her vote, my friend and I were shocked that she could do such a thing; but something she had seen or heard, whether in the mock debate or on television, caused her to change her vote.

As I think of this as we approach another election, which I am again following with interest, I think of how it all applies to the Christian faith.  Like that debate, we stand before God and present our case; even though we do not have much of a case to present.

The evidence of our sins is stacked against us, and there is little to show that we deserve anything but death.  We can try to blame it all on the devil or on our surroundings or on friends and family; but the reality is that it all comes back to you.  You sinned, you are guilty, and you deserve the sentence of death.

That is our case before God, and it is not a pleasant one to make.

And yet despite the evidence that says that we deserve death, God comes back with a most unexpected verdict: you are innocent, your sins are forgiven.  Why?  Not because of anything that you said or did, but because God looked at the cross, He looked at Jesus suffering and dying for your sake, to forgive your sins, and that was enough to convince God that you are innocent.

God does not need signs or debates or advertisements to convince Him otherwise about you.  He has all the evidence He needs before Him.  And yet, He looks at the cross, looks at the empty tomb, and He throws the evidence out and sets you free.

That election in a sixth grade classroom in 1992, just like the election that stands before us in 2012, has people of all sorts predicting this and guaranteeing that.  This election may or may not yield many surprises; but in the courtroom that counted before the throne of God, no one could have predicted that you would have been declared innocent, and yet you were.

And for your victory celebration, you will experience none other than the glories of eternal life in heaven with the one who set you free: Jesus Christ.

God Bless! Pastor Michael Schmidt 

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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