Music Review: One Direction – Live While We’re Young

I am slowly becoming convinced that there is not one redeeming value in music today, and that it would be in the best interests of everyone involved to just shut down the music industry entirely, and just finish off time with what we have.

The latest evidence in support of this is the teen boy band One Direction’s newest song Live While We’re Young.  The sexual suggestions in this song are so strong that it is appalling first that they are singing it, and seconded that their audience that is singing along is younger than they are.

The storyline of the song is a boy singing toward a girl that has attracted his attention.  The boy sings that he is ‘waiting for you’ and that when she is ready they can spend the night ‘making a memory’ by going ‘crazy, crazy, crazy ‘til we meet the sun.’  To top it all off there is another line that goes ‘I know that we just met, but let’s pretend its love.’

The repeating theme of the entire song is also the title and that is to ‘live while we’re young.’

The rest of the song speaks for itself, so for this post, I would like to focus on the title and how it relates to the rest of the song.

The song is encouraging sex outside of marriage, particularly teen sex, but not in the way that music normally encourages it.  The normal encouragement is based on an expression of love.  This song argues from a different approach: young people in general, and teenagers in particular, need to have all the fun and free-living they can now, because when they are older, they will just be shriveled up prunes.

This song is not just encouraging people to have sex because they are in love; it is encouraging sex between people for no reason at all other than that it is fun, and you want to have fun now, because when you are older, you won’t have any fun at all.

I cannot speak to the fun of sex; I will leave that to others.  What I can speak to is that life does not end when you are 25.  People over the age of 25 do have fun in their lives, and yes, you can have sex after the age of 25.

One Direction may be appropriately named as the only direction they are looking for is to the bedroom, with anyone they can find; which based on their many fans, is probably not a challenge for them.  However, while they may engage in acts just for the fun of it, it should be noted that their fans have invested a great deal in their band and are not looking for the memory of a one night stand, but the memory of music that they can share with their children for years to come; not the memory of music they might not be so comfortable having their children listen to.

Marriage, and the fun of sex that occurs in it, is not something to be taken lightly, nor is it something to be treated as a childhood toy.  Sex is for those who have taken on the responsibility of marriage, and are prepared for the children that will result from it.  You might be able to pretend love for a night; but marriage is forever, and forever tends to go a lot longer than just your 25th birthday.

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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