The Pastor’s Corner

This is my article that was published today in the Natoma-Luray Independent section of The Russell County News.

Yes, but maybe not.

Some time ago, a person asked if I would be attending an event that was still quite some time off in the future, my response was yes, assuming that Christ does not return first.  I did in fact want to attend the event, even had it on my calendar; but all of that was out the window if Christ returned.

You could look at my answer in one of two ways: either it was cute sarcasm, or it was a legitimate statement indicating that the return of Christ is near, so near in fact, that future plans that we make may very well be interrupted by the return of Christ.

Our sinful nature tells us that we want to postpone the return of Christ.  You want to see certain things happen, and would be extremely disappointed if you do not get to experience them.  You want to see how the book you are reading ends; you want to hold your child or grandchild in your arms; you want to walk across the stage and graduate; or go and see the Pyramids in Egypt first.

That is Satan at work.  Always telling you that there is something more important than what Christ has in store for you.  Telling you that your plans should come first; telling you that should Christ come, you should be there with a pole trying to push Him back into heaven so that your goals and priorities might be met first.

But Christ is coming, with or without your consent.  And the reality is that He might very well return while you are reading this sentence.  Or He might not return for quite some time yet.

And so our reminder, our caveat to all things is that ‘yes, I will be there or I will do this or that task, provided Christ does not first return and take me to be with Him.’

For of all the glories that we wish to experience here on earth: the birth of a child, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream, the completion of that project that you have been working on; there is the reality that the glories of heaven will far exceed what you see here on earth.  Christ trumps all things, even those things that we so desire to experience here.

And so we pray ‘Come Lord Jesus, Come quickly among us.’  This world is nice and it may have its positive moments, but to be with Christ, to stand before the throne of God, to sing praises with the angels and archangels, is far better than all of those earthly moments combined.

God Bless! Pastor Michael Schmidt

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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