My Prayer for the President’s Inauguration

I congratulate President Obama on his second inauguration.  His election and now re-election as we celebrate the 150 anniversary of the Civil War shows the greatness of the country to develop and evolve as the times change, very much unlike the tendencies of the ‘old world’ of Europe and Asia and Africa.

Now while his election is a great sign for the country as a whole, I cannot say that I rejoice in every aspect of his re-election.  His track record on the economy, domestic and foreign affairs can be and will be debated for generations to come.  But what concerns me most of all is his stance on the issue of life and marriage, both of which leave me wishing that he would, like Saul on the road to Damascus, have some sort of divine intervention to enlighten him on such matters.

Now President Obama is not going to ask me for my advice on matters foreign or domestic; nor is he going to seek my counsel about matters of life and marriage; he has advisors of all sorts to do that task.  But that does not leave me or any other citizen of the country out in the cold when it comes to his term in office.  1 Timothy 2:1-4 gives us the command to pray for all those in authority; which would include President Obama.

In that respect, I will pray for President Obama.

I will pray that he become a strong voice for life, both for the unborn and for the aged.

I will pray that he acknowledge natural law and the definition of marriage as one man and one woman.

I will pray that he acknowledge the role of the home in the development of children and support the nuclear family in whatever way he can, most notably as he serves as the head of his own family.

I will pray that he allow for the free exercise of the Christian religion in this country, and remove burdens that have unnecessarily been placed upon the Church’s conscience.

Based on the past four years, I realize that some of this may very well not happen.  But if you told those in Jerusalem that Saul would go from persecuting Christians to being a strong voice for Christianity, they would not have believed you either.

I pray that President Obama’s second term will be very different from his first in terms of life, marriage and the home.  The debate of the economy and world events can be debated endlessly, and whatever does or does not happen, can be adjusted and corrected however necessary by the next President if need be.

But the issues of life, marriage and the home are far too important to wait for another President.  Far too many children have already been aborted; far too many elderly citizens have already been killed in so called ‘mercy killings’; far too many couples have already married in a way that is not pleasing to God; far too many restrictions have been placed upon the Church.

Every President can have their own views on the economy and on world events, but when it comes to life and freedom, there must be only one view: the view that God has laid forth for us in Holy Scripture.

I pray that the future of the nation will be bright and glorious, and I pray that President Obama will be a part of it; maybe even the start of it.

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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