The Pastor’s Corner

This is my article that was published today in the Natoma-Luray Independent of The Russell County News and will be published tomorrow in The Plainville Times.

Praying for Wisdom

When I was in school, I frequently prayed for knowledge.  I prayed for the knowledge necessary to pass a test, to get a good grade, to be able to get the questions right when called upon.  I imagine many of the children in the school pray for this very same thing each day.

But I do not pray for knowledge anymore.  I passed all the tests, got enough of the questions right, graduated, have a couple of diplomas hanging on the wall to prove it.

I still study, I still do many of the things that will yield more knowledge; but for now, that knowledge is filed away where it can be easily accessed.

No, these days I pray for wisdom.  I pray for the wisdom with which to rightly apply that knowledge that has been acquired.  Wisdom in dealing with the issues that confront the Church and those in it today; wisdom in sharing God’s Word in ways that might be beneficial to others; wisdom in handling situations that are not necessarily covered in textbooks.

And I pray that others might also have wisdom in their dealings.  Wisdom for those who govern the state, the county and the city, as they face increasing difficulties in making due with less; wisdom for those on the school board as they face challenges in educating the children of the communities; wisdom for parents as they bring children up in an increasingly difficult time; wisdom for young people whose decisions today could affect the rest of their lives.

Wisdom is what King Solomon asked for when God offered him anything that he could ever want in 1 Kings 3.  Solomon did not ask for money or land or even long life, he instead asked for wisdom in guiding God’s people in the way that He would have them to be led.

Today, as many and various situations arise that are increasingly complex, and as each of us relies on that which we have learned from books and from our teachers to be true, we ask God for wisdom in making the decisions that are in accord with His will.

Today, wisdom is what is called for; and wisdom is what I pray for, not just for myself, but for all those who are in need of guidance and direction.

God Bless! Pastor Michael Schmidt

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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