My many daily prayers

Over the course of a typical day, I spend a lot of time in prayer.

It adds up if you stop to think about it.  Morning and evening, meal time, before a meeting, in anticipation of a difficult visit, even after a call or email that someone is sick or in need of guidance.

It all adds up.

And there are also those moments of the day that are prayers, but do not come in the traditional form of prayers: prayers that are just quick messages in the heat of the moment, prayers looking for the right exit on the interstate; prayers that the deer all stay on their side of the road; prayers that maybe, just maybe, the clock will move a little slower.  Prayers that are said and forgotten within minutes.

It all adds up.

Does it add up to minutes?  Sure.  Does it add up to hours?  Maybe.  Over the course of a month, does it add up to days in prayer?  It could.

It all adds up, but there is no need to add it all up.  When you spend time in prayer, when you know that prayer is always there for you, when you know that God hears your prayers and that He answers your prayers, then prayer becomes as natural as breathing, as simple as blinking, as quick a reaction as swallowing.

To measure time spent in prayer is like trying to measure the depth of the ocean; I suppose you could, but you would always come up short.  To be immersed in prayer, to be in daily prayer, to live in prayer, is something that you cannot count or measure or in the end ever accomplish.

It all adds up, but to what I could not tell you.  I know that it is there, I know that it is available, I know that I use it frequently.  It is all a part of my many daily prayers.

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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