Reflections on Ten Years

May 17, 2003, on what turned out to be a fairly nice day, I graduated from Concordia College, Bronxville, New York with a Bachelor of Arts in Judeo-Christian Heritage, with a Minor in Pre-Seminary Studies.

That was not the plan 4 years earlier when I graduated high school.  I had begun my studies in September 1999 as an Accounting major at St. Francis College in Brooklyn; but after two years, that was not the plan anymore, and I transferred to Concordia College.

I cannot say much about my time in college that would be of encouragement to anyone.  I am on record elsewhere as calling for a massive reform of the college system; including a massive downsizing in terms of the number of colleges.  Nor can I say much about either of the two institutions that I attended, I guess they are ok, but I spent about as little time as I had to on campus.

Nor can I say much about the others who I attended college with; some of whom I would not be surprised are still there, dropping classes and collecting a few credits every now and then as they work on their umpteenth major; all the while they accumulate a mountain of debt; seemingly content to work campus security for the rest of their lives.

Looking back I cannot say much about the classes I took; the books for the business and accounting classes are long gone; oddly enough, so too are most of the books that I used in religion classes at Concordia.

I cannot say much about the activities I partook of at college, because I was never on campus much.  Cannot say much about the friends I made in college, because again, I was never on campus much.  Cannot say I met a wife at college, because again, I was never on campus much.  I can say that if I had lived in the dorms, at least some of these might be different, but I can also say that I probably would have dropped out after the first week.  Dorm life was not for me, at least in college.

At the end of the day, there is a diploma on the wall dated May 17, 2003; I remember the day, have pictures of the day; still have some of the cards I received for that graduation.  But if you were to ask me what is the lasting benefit, the lasting memory, the legacy of my time in college, that diploma is about it.  It was an ends to a mean; I needed a college diploma for precious few reasons, one of which ended up being going to seminary.

Otherwise, May 17, 2003 would be as forgettable as many of those college days were.

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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