Thoughts on storms

The events in Moore, Oklahoma are truly devastating; it is literally heartbreaking to hear the reports of terror experienced by so many.  Many people are still missing, and the death toll will be staggering.

And yet there will not be an investigation into what happened; the FBI and CIA and other security agencies need not report for duty here.

We live in a day and age where there are two kinds of tragedies: those of the man-made variety in the form of terrorism; and those in nature in the form of super storms wreaking destruction.

If this had been an explosion, like the one in Boston, we would look for suspects and hold trials and punish those responsible.  There would also be an investigation into why this tragedy could not have been stopped.

But when the devastation is the result of an earthquake, or hurricane, or in this case a tornado, there is no investigation, no trials, and no one goes to jail.

There is a hint that maybe we can stop terrorism; but there is never any such hint in terms of these natural disasters; we can only pray that the warning systems be enhanced, and that the frequency of the storms be minimal.

Terrorism leads us to place our trust for protection in the government, in the military, in the man-made systems that protect us from man-made destruction.  But when it comes to tornados, or hurricanes, or earthquakes; there is no such governmental trust; rather out trust and hope is placed solely in God.

That is not always what we like to hear, we like to be in control, we like to be the ones who make sure that we and those around us are kept safe.  And yet, when it comes to super-storms, there is no one else to trust in, no one else to look to, no one else who can help, besides God alone.

In the coming days, there will be more stories of horror as a result of the storm; but there will also be stories of heroism: stories of God sending people to help and stories of God sparing the lives of some who were in certain harm’s way.

This week has reminded us once more that when it comes to storms, your best hope, indeed your only hope is to trust in God for protection from those things that are out of our control.

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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