Review of Creation Museum


I recently returned from a vacation, part of which took me to Petersburg, Kentucky and the Creation Museum operated by Answers in Genesis.

Over the past 5 years or so, I have taken a special interest in studying the creation accounts, and how what we read in Genesis 1-11 matches up with science and the popular worldviews, particularly evolution.

The museum did not disappoint in any way.  The museum begins with the premise that the world is under attack from the forces of the devil, and that churches, which once were stalwarts in holding the line against these attacks, have become compromised by their own questioning and willingness to take a soft approach on Genesis.

Once the idea is established that the church needs to take a strong stand on Genesis, particularly the creation accounts, then the museum goes through the accounts of Genesis 1-2 and the creation of the world.  There are then several displays depicting the creation of Adam and Eve, and the Fall into sin.

The next major theme in the museum is the Flood.  The accounts of Noah, the ark and the Flood are questioned almost as much as the creation accounts.  The museum takes great pains to show how the ark would have looked, and how the Flood probably occurred.  There are several detailed displays showing how the ark would have been built, loaded and unloaded.

The final part of the exhibit is a short video of about 15 minutes detailing what amounts to Genesis 12 up to today.  The emphasis here is on the coming of Jesus, His death and resurrection and ultimately His return.  An invitation to learn more about the Gospel is extended at the conclusion.

The museum is strong in many areas, but it does face some challenges.  It is not your typical museum in that its halls are not lined with artifacts of creation or the Flood; primarily because nobody has such materials.  But what it lacks in artifacts, it makes up for with interactive displays, lifelike presentations, and technology.

One particular area that the museum should be commended is its inclusion of dinosaurs.  I have yet to see a Sunday school curriculum or children’s picture Bible with any hints of dinosaurs, and yet we confess that they were there.  The Creation Museum shows your typical animals in the Garden of Eden and boarding the ark, but it also includes dinosaurs, and for that they should be commended.

A weakness of the museum is perhaps a sign of its success.  As I mentioned, over the past 5 years, I have done a lot of study into the area of creation, and so while going to the Creation Museum was a high priority in terms of this vacation, I left the museum somewhat disappointed that I had not learned anything new.  For those who visit the museum who have watched Ken Ham’s videos, read the Answers magazine, or heard other creation speakers, you may leave the museum feeling as though it added nothing to your experience.

And yet, I am not sorry in the least that I made the trip.  It was well worth the drive and the price of admission to see the MANY children and teenagers at the museum having their questions answered; having their eyes opened to the truth of God’s Word.

And so I would recommend that any and all people make the effort to visit the Creation Museum, especially children and teenagers.  For those who have studied the topic, you may not leave with any new revelations made known, but that is ok.  It is worth the price of admission to be reassured that what you have learned is correct, and to see someone else discover the truth of God’s Word for the first time.

(As an aside, when I went, I spent a little more than 3 hours at the museum, and saw basically everything.  Others may find that they need more time; and indeed if you watch every video, and read every card, it could indeed take you a full day to see everything.  Admission tickets are good for 2 days, so this should not be a problem.)

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