The Oddity of a Tip

One night, I was sitting in a Cracker Barrel having supper, when the waitress came up to my table and informed me that we had to evacuate because of a small fire in the kitchen.  So I and the other customers and all of the staff went outside and sat in the front of the restaurant, and waited for the fire department.

While outside, the waitress who had been waiting on me, recounted how she had got all her customers out, and pointed to me as one of her customers and referred to me as ‘that guy’.

And this struck me as incredibly odd, because moments earlier, as I was finishing my meal, I had begun to think about the tip, and how much to leave.  And yet here we were, just a few minutes later, and the reality sunk in that I was about to tip someone who had no connection to me, had no idea who I was, and who only saw me as a means to an end in order to earn a paycheck, and if so fortunate, get a small tip.

It really strikes me as odd that customers are supposed to leave tips at restaurants for people they hardly know, who have done little more than complete the task of bringing food to the table.  I would never go to a friend’s house and leave a tip after a meal; nor would I expect them to do the same for me.  If I don’t do it for people I like, then why would I do it for people I don’t even know?

Which brings us to Christ.  Christ certainly knows each of us, and has called us by name to be His own.  Christ knows who we are; in fact Christ knows everything about each and every one of us.

Think about that; Christ knows everything about you.  He knows where you have been and what you have done; who knows those secrets that you have told to others in confidence; He knows your very thoughts as you listen to your parents lecture you, or as your teacher gives a lesson, or as the pastor preaches the sermon.  Jesus knows what you are thinking and doing, even when you are all by yourself.

And yet, despite knowing the very wretchedness of your heart; Christ dies for you.  Christ leaves His place at God’s right hand and comes to earth to suffer and die for the likes of you; so that you might be forgiven of all of those terrible things that you think, say and do.  Jesus does not turn His back because you are just some guy or girl, He knows you, He has called you to be His own, He loves you.

That is something no one else can duplicate, nor is it anything that you can compare with.  Jesus knows your heart from the moment you are conceived until the moment you die; and yet He still wants you to spend eternity with Him in Paradise.

Thanks be to God for that.

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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