USA Today article on Marriage

On June 18, 2013, USA Today ran a front page article on how the marriage rate should tick upward over the next few years, after being down for several years.

The major reasoning is complex, there are a large number of young people entering the system who will plan their own weddings, and at the same time there are a number of single people who are getting older and are realizing that if they want children, they need to get a move on.  But the main reasoning of the article centered on the poor economy, which has caused people to postpone major things, such as marriage; and while the economy is hardly booming today, it is better than it was. 

Now the natural assumption would be that single people, such as myself, should start getting themselves measured for suits and dresses to prepare for the coming boom in marriages.  After all, the statistics say that the number of marriages will go up, so that would mean that single people have a better chance at getting married.  Right?

Not so fast.  While the USA Today article may give hope to some, the rest of us are more realistic.  Yes, there probably will be more marriages as those who were waiting for the economy to improve finally do get married; but that does not mean much for those who are still single.

Marriage is not something driven by the economy the way buying a house or a car is.  The reality is that if you get married in a good economy, the chances are good that you will still be married when the economy heads south again.  And if you get married during a depression, the odds are good that you will still be married when the economy is booming.

Marriage does not find its root in economic forecasts.  You can delay your marriage until the economy improves, but the reality is that it was not your savings account or stock options that brought you together; it was the guidance of the Lord and the recognition that it is not good to be alone.

Statistics on the number of marriages in the coming years may go up and down, but the reality is that if you want to get married, love does not wait for the economy to improve.

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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