The vanities of life

This is my article that was published today in The Plainville Times.

Where does your life find meaning?  Is it in your work?  Or in your family?  Or perhaps it is in a collection that you have.  Which of these things do people most identify with you?

Regardless of what your answer is to any of those, let me ask you another question: if you find meaning in your work, or in your stuff, or in something that you have or do; what happens when you die?  You cannot take it with you, so that means that someone else will have your stuff.  That collection that you have taken years to assemble; that stuff that all has your name on it, will belong to somebody else.  Maybe somebody who cares about it as much as you did, maybe with the same desire to keep it together that you had; but maybe not.

And there will not be a thing that you can do about it.

But what about you?  Your stuff has been distributed, what of you?  Where are you?  What are you doing?

It is nice to have nice things on earth; it is a point of pride to show off your things to your friends and neighbors; but when you are dead and your stuff has been distributed, it does not matter if you had a mint collection, or if you had the most stuff, or how much money you had; what will matter is your faith; what did you believe?

Because there is something far more valuable than money; something that will impress people far more than what is in your basement or parked in your garage.  What matters is your faith in Christ.  For Jesus is a Savior of the rich and the poor; those who have much, and those who have only a little.  Jesus does not look at your paperwork, He does not review your bank records, nor does He walk through your home to see how much stuff you have in your house.  Jesus is concerned about the faith that you have in your heart.

Do you confess your sins?  Do you remember your baptism?  Do you hunger and thirst for the body and blood of Jesus?  Do you trust in the Lord with all your heart, mind and body?  That is what Jesus is worried about.  That is what matters for eternal life.

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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