The real issue at hand.

I am sure you have heard by now; maybe you saw it happen live; perhaps you caught the rerun on either CNN or Fox News; or maybe you have just added 2 and 2 together after reading your facebook feed the past 3 days.

To summarize, Miley Cyrus, dressed in a provocative outfit, sang and danced to a song that was equally provocative Sunday night at the VMA Awards on MTV.  This has caught many people off guard primarily because their previous memories of Cyrus are the ones portrayed by Disney in her television show Hannah Montana.

The outrage expressed by so many is directed mainly at Cyrus; although some have directed their outrage toward MTV.  Apparently the song and dance caught many off guard; and they are now horrified that Cyrus would do such a thing and that MTV would air such a thing.

But not me.

I did not watch the VMA Awards, but I am not surprised by anything that happened at them.

Consider that MTV has shown numerous shows which glorify teen sex; and they have shown many shows that glorify teen drug use.  Those same shows show teens as the ones running the show, while the adults are depicted as out of touch morons who cannot deduce what is happening under their own noses, let alone in the life of the children under their care.  MTV’s reality shows routinely depict young adults dancing and speaking in ways that would have put Cyrus to shame.  MTV has never advertised itself as being a moral channel, nor has it ever tried to be.

Now many of you are probably now expecting a lengthy diatribe on how MTV should be shut down and never allowed to air their disgusting programming again.  But that is not what I am concerned about.  Nor am I concerned about Cyrus and banning her to outer Mongolia for her actions.

The real fault here lies at the very feet of those parents who are so outraged at what MTV aired.  If you watch MTV for more than 5 minutes, you will not be surprised by anything that is said or done or worn on MTV.  The fact that so many are outraged at what MTV aired is a sign that parents are not screening what their children are watching or listening to.

Face it: Hannah Montana is not on the air anymore; Cyrus is no longer employed by Disney; she is no longer the wholesome actor that she was portrayed as.  And that has been true long before Sunday night.

Parents need to exercise control over what their children are watching and listening to.  The country is a democracy; your household is a dictatorship; you are the dictator.  Turn MTV off; because I can promise you, MTV makes money on shock value, not on reruns of Hannah Montana.  Cyrus’s spectacle Sunday night could not have gone any better for MTV, and I am sure they are making millions off it.

The fact that so many people are shocked by that reality means that they are the very absent-minded parents depicted on some of MTV’s regularly scheduled programming.

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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2 Responses to The real issue at hand.

  1. Malinda Nevin says:

    I am indeed showing my age but I find this type of performance wrong no matter where it is viewed. When it is accessible and readily available to children it is wrong. I have banned MTV in my household but the controversy has been broadcast on other networks for all to see. No matter how you slice it or dice it she has stooped to selling her body for money.

  2. Pastor Gary Syth says:

    Thank you for your thoughts. I sent it as food for thought to the congregation here in Alaska.

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