Pray for your Pastor

Martin Luther encourages people to pray for their pastors.  This is most certainly a good and noble practice to undertake as pastors need prayers just as much as the President of the nation needs our prayers.

Several people have commented how shocked they were at such a suggestion; many had never even considered that their pastor would need their prayers.

With this in mind, I offer these daily suggestions for praying for the pastor.

Monday – While most people are heading back to work on Monday, many pastors actually have Monday off.  So on this day, when many pastors are resting from a busy Sunday, pray that your pastor and his family are able to relax and to enjoy the company of each other.

Tuesday – What do pastors do all week?  Some of what they do is actually to benefit the Church around the world.  Pray today that the Church in the world would listen to the wisdom that your pastor has; and pray that your pastor would listen to the wisdom that the Church has to offer to him.

Wednesday – One of the best parts on any pastor’s week is when he gets to teach the faith to others.  Today, many churches have catechism classes for people of all ages.  Pray today that your pastor would always find joy in teaching the faith, and that he would have willing and eager students.

Thursday – The week is not yet over, but it has already been a long week.  Visiting members, whether in the hospital or in the nursing home, can be a draining, both in terms of energy and in terms of emotions.  Pray today that your pastor would faithfully visit those who are in need of hearing the promises and blessings of Christ.

Friday – The weekend is fast approaching, yet much remains to be done.  Your pastor has probably spent a lot of time this week preparing for Bible class and for worship.  That usually means a lot of time studying.  Pray today that your pastor would remain faithful to the Word of God and to the Confessions of the Church.

Saturday – How do you spend your Saturday?  How do you think your pastor spends his?  While you may sleep in and take the day for granted; your pastor is putting the finishing touches on the sermon.  Pray today that the Lord would put His words into your pastors mouth; and pray that you would have willing ears to hear that word.

Sunday – This is the day that pastors look forward to all week; this is the day that is the reason many men decided to become pastors.  Give thanks to God that He has sent this man into your presence to proclaim the Word and administer His gifts to you and your family.

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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One Response to Pray for your Pastor

  1. Jen_B says:

    Lovely! Thank you for sharing this idea.

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