The gift of Life

This is my article that was published in the Natoma-Luray Independent and in The Plainville Times.

The gift of life

I used to love my birthday.  It was always like Christmas in October.  Why?  Because I was guaranteed gifts; and like most children, I wanted a lot of stuff, none of which I had the money or the ability to go out and buy on my own.

I don’t have that problem anymore; but not because I have somehow matured and no longer want material things.  No, the reason is that now, I have the means (money and a credit card) and the ability (a car and the internet) to get whatever I want whenever I want it.  I am no longer restricted to waiting for my birthday to get stuff; all I need to do is get in the car or go on the internet, and whatever I want I can have in a very short amount of time.

Needless to say, this means that my birthday is not what it used to be.  I no longer have a long list of wishes, so I no longer look at it as a day of gift getting that I once did.  Rather I look at my birthday more so with dread as I get older, and the dreams I once had become more and more distant.

And yet, even today as the gifts I receive on my birthday decrease in both number and size, I can still give thanks that early one October morning many years ago, in Brooklyn Hospital, God granted my parents with the gift of a healthy baby boy, who despite many attempts to the contrary, is still alive today.

The gift of life is the most valuable gift that one can receive; and in an age of death, which legally could even have included me, is a gift one must treasure more and more with each passing day.

Your birthday, my birthday, is not just the marking of the day that you came into the world; it is a reminder of the life that each of us have lived from that point until today and into the future.  God created each of us for life; and that is the greatest gift that we can receive.  Life comes to each of us daily as a gift; not wrapped in paper with a bow; but as a continuous gift from God our Father.  Happy Birthday; this day is a gift from God.     

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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