Reading the Phone Book

This is my article that was published on Thursday in The Plainville Times.

Do you ever read the phone book?  Just open it up to your local town, or even the broader listing of names, and just go through and see how many you know?

I am going to assume the answer is no, you probably have better things to do (and most of the time I have better things to do to).  But one day try it; it is interesting.  Most of you will probably know more names than I do; you will probably know the faces and the stories that go with those names and who the relation are to those names, and what grade their children are in; or where their grandchildren live.

But there will also be names that you do not know.  Names that are strange and unfamiliar.  Names that you are not quite sure where they came from or what they do.  Names that are different then the names you remember.

One thing to keep in mind as you look at these names, both known and unknown; is that each of them is one for whom Christ has died for.  Each one is a child of God, who was lovingly created, and who God desires to be with Him for all eternity.  Each and every name is a name and a person and a story that is known entirely by God.

Now look at how many names are in the phone book; and consider that with the advent of cell phones, not everyone is listed.  That is a lot of names and faces and stories; but each one is known and loved by God the Father.

Pray for the people in your community, that they might come to know the Father’s great love for them, and know that He desires that they be with Him for all time.  Pray that the Holy Spirit might give you the words and the wisdom to reach out to those you do not know, that you might share this Good News with them.

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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