Thor: The Dark World Review

To say that I was disappointed with this movie would be an understatement.  The first Thor, movie was brilliant, so I had high expectations for The Dark World.  Needless to say, I will try not to let that happen again.

I honestly think they wrote a great script; but then a 5 year old came in, ripped out random pages, and the director decided that instead of printing off a new copy, he would just go with what was left of the original and call it good.  Or perhaps the problem is that Marvel spends so much money on special effects, they trim the budget when it comes to actually writing the movie.

The movie picks up 2 years after the end of the original.  Thor is busy fighting wars on the other worlds, while his father Oden rules in Asgard.  Thor’s stepbrother Locke, who by all accounts died at the end of the first movie, survived, but is in prison for his crimes of treason.  While Thor and Oden have disowned him, his stepmother still hopes he can be rehabilitated.

The plot of the movie is fairly typical, an earthling, Thor’s human love interest Jane, stumbles upon a relic of an ancient alien war and finds herself possessed by a dark matter which if harnessed properly allows for world domination; which coincidently is what an ancient breed of aliens so desires.

This movie ultimately comes down to leadership; and for that we find everyone lacking.  Oden is a good leader, but in battle is blind to the weaknesses before him; the ancient alien leader wants to rule, but only so he can make everyone a slave; Locke desires to be a dictator; and Thor, who is in line to be king, openly admits that he does not have the stomach for leadership, and would much rather serve on the battlefield, or chase after his human love interest.

Good leaders are hard to find; perfect leaders impossible.  It would be shortsighted to ignore these implications in our modern day, that even while earth politics do not make the movie, the contrast between the two leaders and the two would be leaders in the movie is striking: the ones who should don’t, and the ones who shouldn’t do.

Hidden in all of this is the one perfect leader in God the Father, one who has no weaknesses, and is never blind to the weaknesses of His children.  And while others may seek or decline the office, Jesus Christ never wavers from His role, even when the choices before Him are hardly what we would consider ideal.

What is the take away from this movie?  Don’t let 5 year olds play with big budget movie scripts.

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