Christians and Christian Movies

I was in college when the Veggie Tales movie Jonah came out.  And one day before the movie opened, a classmate made the comment that everyone should go see the movie that particular weekend so that the movie would make a lot of money, and more non-Christians would be attracted to it.  The goal being that if a non-Christian saw the movie, they would become interested in the Christian faith, and eventually become believers.

I mention that because this week there has been a bit of a stir on the internet as previews for a movie on Noah are starting to become available to the general public.  The movie will actually be released in March, presumably around the end of the month as anticipation builds for Easter.

And again, there will be a big push by many churches to get their members to go and see the movie, so that it makes a lot of money and so that unbelievers will be attracted to it.  And I imagine that many youth groups and ladies aid groups and other church groups will indeed go and see the movie.

But here is the question: should Christians go see the Noah movie?  Should Christians have gone to see the Jonah movie when I was in college?

Personally, I believe that some Christians look at Hollywood, and the plethora of godless movies that come out filled with sex, drugs and violence, and are so disgusted (or hypocritical), that when a movie is released claiming to be Christian, people run to it, regardless of whether it is faithful or not, and cling to it, for no other reason than that it has some Christian theme attached to it.

The Veggie Tales movie on Jonah was ok; but the number of mistakes and liberties taken with the text hardly makes it a faithful interpretation of the Biblical text.

What do I expect from Noah?  Obviously I have not seen the movie, but how will they handle the sinful condition of man before the flood?  How will the person of Noah be portrayed?  What about his sons and their wives?  What about the animals that board the ark; will there be dinosaurs?  And then perhaps most important of all; how do they handle when they get off the ark?  And where do you actually stop the movie; the last official action by Noah is him getting drunk and passing out, followed by the bizarre actions of Ham.  Personally, that is going to be an odd ending.

I am not condemning the Noah movie (at least not yet); but I am saying that just because a movie comes out claiming to be Christian, does not mean that Christians should go out and see it ten times and buy every piece of merchandise available in the hope that an unbeliever will see the movie and come to faith.

If it is good, faithful to the text, then go see it.  If it is not, well it won’t be the first Christian movie that was not exactly Christian.  And in that case, Christians should be willing to call a bad and unfaithful movie what it truly is.

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