What Bill Nye taught us

The Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate Video | Rated R For Reformed

Tuesday’s debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye is still making ripples across the internet.  For an event that was internet only, it has clearly lit up the radar with comments and opinions about the performance of both men, and the worldviews that they each represent.

I have been looking into creation in depth for about 5 years now; which included in summer of 2013 going to the Creation Museum.  I am light years from where I was in my beliefs and ability to defend those beliefs 5 years ago.  So when I watched the debate and read about a dozen articles on Tuesday and Wednesday analyzing the debate, I was not so much looking for at Ken Ham, but more so looking at Bill Nye.

I have read, marked, learned and inwardly digested material on creation, all of which remarked that there were many who disagreed, there were many who challenged this, many who rejected what the Bible said out of hand.  There was always a seeming straw man argument attached to the articles and videos, that somewhere out there was a person or group that rejected all of this.

Well, on Tuesday night, in a 150 minute debate, Bill Nye put a face to all of those arguments.

And for that alone, the debate was extremely valuable.

The debate showed believers what someone who disagrees with the Biblical view of creation, and not just disagrees with it, but generally despises it, looks like.  Bill Nye showed all of those watching in church basements and in youth centers and in the comforts of their own home what they can expect to encounter when they confess not just the Biblical view of creation, but also the Christian faith.

Bill Nye is now the poster child for those who are hostile to the Christian faith; and he is the poster child for those who reject the Biblical view of creation.  The fact that he could dismiss every single piece of evidence that Ken Ham presented; the fact that he could confidently answer ‘I don’t know’ to at least two questions from the audience and still insist that he was right, was astounding.  And it should be shown in every evangelism class from here to the end of time.

Bill Nye is what an unbeliever looks like.  Bill Nye makes the arguments that others who doubt the Biblical view of creation make.  Bill Nye has the hostilities toward Christians and their beliefs and worldviews that countless others show.

There is no longer a straw man argument out there; there is Bill Nye.  And Bill Nye is what you can expect on evangelism calls; Bill Nye is what you can except in local, state and federal government; Bill Nye is what you can expect standing in the front of the classroom, and he is what you can expect sitting in the classroom.

Bill Nye provided an invaluable service; he stood up and boldly spit in the face of Ken Ham and every other Christian; and that proved to me and to every one watching that yes, there are people out there who are hostile to Christians and their beliefs.

Our prayer is that those we encounter are more willing to hear the Gospel than Bill Nye was.

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