September newsletter article

First Lutheran Church  Plainville, Kansas

Peace Lutheran Church  Natoma, Kansas

September, 2014

Creation comes first. It is the first chapter of the first book of the Bible. Creation is the first lesson you learn in Sunday School, and it is the first story in every Bible story book. And so it stands to reason that creation is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word Genesis.

But creation is also the first thing people want to tear down when it comes to the Scriptures. Creation is not accepted by many scientists or by many other experts. Creation is the area where believers have many questions. And so it stands to reason that creation is often the first domino to fall when people begin to fall away from the faith.

Why is this? Because while we may know the account of creation; while we may be able to tell you that God created the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh, and while we may know that when God had completed His work of creation, He observed that it was very good; we do not know what it all means. Yes, God created the heavens and the earth; yes, God said it was very good; but what does that mean today? What does it mean to confess these things?

This is not just a question that the average student in Sunday School asks themselves; nor is it a question that only the typical laymen ask; these are questions that I asked. I wondered to myself on more than one occasion what the big deal about defending 6 day creation was.

It was in the process of wondering about these things that a variety of events took place that truly opened my eyes: first was a Bible study from The Men’s Network titled Out of Nothing: The Word, Creation and Faith; second was being introduced to Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis; and finally was hearing Brian Young speak at a conference.

I was not planning to stay for all of Young’s sessions that day; it was a Saturday, and I wanted to get home at a reasonable time. And yet, there was something about what he was saying that made sense. He was explaining creation not just in a ‘this happened on day one and this happened on day two’ manner of speaking; but rather, ‘this happened on day one, and here is why it matters today.’

For as it turns out, Genesis 1 is not just a means for telling us how we got plants and trees and birds and fish and land animals. Genesis 1 is also about telling us how God intended for things to be; and what a perfect, very good creation actually looks like; and the extreme depths to which we have destroyed it by our sins.

That is perhaps the most overlooked part of creation: not just that God created the world in 6 days, but that at creation there are already the seeds present of the future coming of Jesus Christ into the world, to redeem creation and its fallen creatures, most notably you and I.

Natoma Lutherans For Life would like to invite you to attend a series of presentations by creation expert Brian Young. He will speak on Saturday, September 27th at 2PM at First Lutheran, Plainville on Dinosaurs, Ice Age and the Pre-Flood World; and he will speak at Peace Lutheran, Natoma on Sunday, September 28th at 2PM, first on Why Creation is Important and second on Noah’s Ark.

This will be the third time that we have brought Brian Young to Natoma; each time has been an eye opening blessing, seeing many people attend, and seeing so many of those long held questions answered seemingly with ease. Please join us, and bring your friends and family, so that they too might hear of God’s good work in creation; and His great work of sending Christ Jesus to save us from our sins.

God Bless!

Pastor Schmidt

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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