Thou shalt not covet my Dart

There is a new set of annoying commercials penetrating my television: a series of commercials featuring Jake and Craig, centering around Craig’s new Dodge Dart.

These commercials have been out for a while now, and like Wendy’s, State Farm and many others, they seem to come up every time there is a commercial break. And so needless to say, as I am currently watching a lot of baseball, I see the commercials a lot.

And for the most part I was ignoring them, until I realized what Jake was doing. He was coveting the new Dodge Dart his friend Craig had.

In each commercial, Craig is with his car, and Jake is trying to get the attention of his friend Craig, the premise of the commercial being that Craig will not let Jake touch his Dart.

One commercial shows Jake building an extend arm to reach from his tree to over Craig’s Dart; with the idea being that if Jake can’t enjoy the Dart, than neither should Craig.

Another shows Jake coming over to Craig with some items of Jake that Craig is no longer allowed to touch including a George Foreman Grill and a used toothbrush. Jake’s effort is to have something of his own that Craig values that he can then refuse to allow Craig to touch.

But the one that particularly caught my attention and coveting theme is the newest commercial of the batch, in which Jake threatens to ‘key’ Craig’s car. The argument being that it is better that a friend ruin the car instead of a complete stranger. Again Jake demands for himself the attention the Dart is getting, and wants to destroy the Dart to get it.

Of all the Commandments, coveting is always the hardest to explain, because to our own eyes, coveting is perfectly legal. But the reality is that coveting leads to the destruction of the property of a neighbor in an effort to benefit ourselves.

The actual purpose of the Dodge Dart commercials is to sell a car, and show that the car is so valuable in the eyes of the owner that they will forsake those around them in an effort to protect the car. I am not sure why Craig does not trust Jake to be in the vicinity of a car, but if one of my friends showed up with the intent of ‘keying’ my car, I would not trust him either.

And so Dodge Dart, in an effort to sell cars, has created a series of commercials that display coveting. Jake may be an honest citizen and a good neighbor, but if Craig doesn’t want him to touch his Dart, Jake should respect his wishes and strive to keep the Commandments by helping Craig protect his property.

The commercial ends with Craig chanting the phrase ‘Don’t touch my Dart’, perhaps the next commercial in the series could end with ‘Don’t covet my Dart.’

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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