Shopping is as American as Thanksgiving

Which came first: the chicken or the egg?

Logic says that the only way you get a chicken is through the egg; but science says that the only way to get an egg is through a chicken. So which came first? (The chicken).

So which came first: stores open on Thanksgiving and/or extremely early for Black Friday; or were the shoppers first, demanding stores be open earlier and earlier?

I ask this, because there are a great number of extremely pious people posting on the internet now about stores being open on Thanksgiving and early on Friday, so early that the employees presumably cannot spend Thanksgiving Day with family.

And so I pose another question: which is more American: pausing for a day of national Thanksgiving, or making money by working and/or opening a business to make money, even if that means opening earlier and earlier each year?

The answer is both are American traditions.

To refuse businesses the opportunity to open for the opportunity to make money is most definitely not American, in fact, it is more in lines with communism and socialism.

And by the way, the poor employees who have to work, are actually making more money for their families. Walmart, Target, JC Penny, and every other store in America only pay their employees when they work, and they pay those employees more money when they work off hours and holidays. NONE of those previously mentioned stores pay their employees to stay home and eat and watch football.

Oh, and one other point about the employees and Thanksgiving: half the people I know either celebrate Thanksgiving on a day that is not Thursday, due to conflicting schedules of work and family; and of those who do celebrate on Thursday, none of them eat at the same time; they again eat earlier or later based on the schedules of others. Those employees who show up for work, have already celebrated Thanksgiving with family, in one way or the other.

What is the point?

I agree that all non-essential services and businesses should be closed on Thanksgiving. And I for one will not be shopping on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I read David Green’s book More Than a Hobby, and he says that closing Hobby Lobby on Sunday has had no effect on sales. The people who would shop on Sunday, just make sure to get there on another day of the week.

The people who are in line to shop on Thursday and early Friday, would all still be there at the regular opening time anyway. But just as a day of National Thanksgiving is an American tradition, so too is the opportunity to open your business whenever the hell you want and make money. And you only open when people are going to spend money, so if that means Thanksgiving Day or 4AM Friday, than that is when you open.

If you can make money by opening your place of business on Thanksgiving Day, or at 4AM on Friday; and you can find sufficient people to work, and sufficient people to shop, than I say go for it.

And to the communists and pietists who think every business should be closed, you can go shopping in the empty stores on Monday with me.

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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