January 2015 newsletter

First Lutheran Church  Plainville, Kansas

Peace Lutheran Church  Natoma, Kansas

January, 2015

Friend: Hi, (your name). I was reading that devotional you gave me for Christmas, and I noticed that the church sure does teach against a lot of things.

You: That’s right, we live in the midst of a twisted and crooked generation, and as believers, we are called upon to avoid the sinful ways of the world, and most of the time, that means not taking part in the sinful actions that the world has approved of.

Friend: I see. So I guess you guys do not get out much then?

You: What do you mean?

Friend: Well, it seems that everything I read is about how Lutherans do not do stuff. I mean, look at the Ten Commandments: do not murder, do not lust, do not steal, do not speak falsely, do not covet. All you guys do is avoid doing stuff. So you must just stay home all day.

You: Not at all. In fact, you will see Lutherans actively taking part in their communities: involved in school activities, community groups, government, and volunteer services. To be honest, it is hard to find Lutherans at home many days.

Friend: Yeah, but what about all those rules for what you are not supposed to do? That must make life pretty difficult.

You: I think you are looking at it from the wrong perspective. As Lutherans, we do not look at life as merely avoiding things. We do want to avoid sin, but we do that by living out our baptisms.

Friend: Say more.

You: Well, God has called each of us through the waters of Holy Baptism to be His holy and precious children. He does not call us to live secluded in caves, avoiding all interaction with the world. Instead, God calls us to live in the world, and to be shining lights in the world.

Friend: So you do not murder, lust, steal, speak falsely or covet?

You: Right, but there is much more to it than that. We are called to be holy as God Himself is holy. And that means a lot more than just avoiding certain things. It also means living a holy life in how you present yourself in the world, how you raise your kids, and how you think.

Friend: I wish there was a way that I could learn more about this.

You: Actually, there is. Pastor Schmidt will be preaching a sermon series on living a holy life during the time of Epiphany: January 11 – February 15.

Friend: Would you by chance have a schedule and texts for that series?

You: I sure do.

January 11 – How God views you – Romans 6:1-11

January 18 – Matters of the Heart – Isaiah 40:1-2

January 25 – Modesty is the best policy – Genesis 3:1-13

February 1 – Knowledge and judgment – 1 Kings 3:16-28

February 8 – The 4th Commandment – Deuteronomy 18:15-20

February 15 – Living in the world – St. Mark 9:2-9

Friend: Wow! Lutherans are awesome!

You: Wait until you hear some of the great hymns we get to sing!

God Bless!

Pastor Schmidt

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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