Saved by the Bell in Retrospect


Wednesday night, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon had a skit in which Jimmy interacted with members of the hit 1990’s sitcom Saved by the Bell.

All day Thursday, my facebook feed was full of people sharing the video and commenting how great the show was.

There is however one interesting moment in the skit that garnered the most laughs. Kelly enters the scene holding her pom-poms over her stomach, greets Zach, and announces that she is pregnant, flaunting a noticeable baby-bump. Zach, and the others are excited at the news.

Therein lies an interesting facet: on the actual show Saved by the Bell, this scene would have never occurred. Characters were shown kissing, and occasionally there were brief make-out scenes in public areas, but never were Zach and Kelly, or Jessy and Slater ever shown alone in a scene that would have led one to assume teen sex.

Which leads to another fact: Saved by the Bell never showed characters Kelly, Jessie, or Lisa in erotic clothing; the skimpiest outfits they ever wore were a cheerleader’s outfit. Zach, Slater and Screech were never depicted as sex craved, skirt chasing guys either. Other characters that came and went were likewise never shown in an overtly sexual manner.

What am I getting at?

Saved by the Bell would not make it on the air today. Saved by the Bell as it turns out, was a wholesome family show; closer to Happy Day’s than anything that airs today.

The last episode aired in 1993. That was 21 years ago. Look how much has changed.

Alas, it is sad to say that a show that so many fondly remember from their childhood would not make it on air today; not because it would be to lewd, but because it would be to tame.

For that, I am glad I grew up when I did; when all a show had to be was corny to get on the air. Corny doesn’t cut it today; sex sells.

What does that say about the society we live in today?  What are your kids watching when they get home from school?

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