What do you see?

This dress is making its way through the internet, with the question of what color do you think it is?

But let me ask you a different question: would you wear it?

Forget what color it is; just examine the dress: it appears to either be strapless, or have very thin straps going over the shoulders; hence the apparent half coat that accompanies it. Either way, it is low cut, meant to, shall we say, accentuate the curves. The dress itself appears to be form fitting (don’t let that manikin fool you), not hanging loose, but clinging semi-tightly to the skin. And the dress stops above the knee caps.

In other words, it is a fairly typical dress.

Would you wear it?

Do you have a choice?

A couple of years ago, I was having a discussion with a friend about church wedding policies, and he said he desired to have a policy that stated that the bride’s dress must cover her shoulders and at least be short sleeve. I informed him that if he did that he would never do another wedding again, because they just don’t make wedding dresses with sleeves anymore; they barely make them with straps of any kind.

Go to your local clothing store: JC Penny, Macy’s, Walmart, or anywhere; how many dresses look like the one in the picture? How many have sleeves, go below the knee, and are not form fitting? I am guessing the answer is 0.

Welcome to the modern day clothing conundrum: all dresses are the same, they simply do not make anything different outside of what color it is. So when we see a dress in the window or on the internet, all we have to ask is what color is it; because all other questions of style are irrelevant. (As for men, just try finding pants that do not sag).

Want sleeves? Want something below the knee? What something that is not form fitting? Forget it. They don’t even have them at Goodwill.

Would you wear that dress that is making the internet rounds? If you walked into a store, and money was no object, and that dress was on the rack, would you buy it? Would you even have a choice?

You would have a choice. A choice of colors; cause whether you see white and gold or blue and purple; I am pretty sure that dress comes in both, not to mention 6 other color combos.

What it does not come in, is modesty.

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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One Response to What do you see?

  1. Craig D. says:

    I would not buy that dress. I doubt that they make it in my size and besides, horizontal stripes are really not flattering on me.

    As to baggy pants, I buy pants that fit me, so they’re not baggy, but if you don’t wash them for a while, yes they do get baggy. I thought that all the rage right now was skinny pants. You know, those pants that the hipsters wear that look like they’re stretch pants.

    Then again, I’m a theology geek, not a fashion maven like others.

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