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Pushing back the darkness

Recently while visiting a friend in Houston, we did what all the cool kids do: we visited Lakewood; aka Joel Osteen’s church. Now what follows is a review of the experience for those who have not been. We did not … Continue reading

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It all comes back to Sammy

During my first month as a student at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, I took the Myers Briggs Personality Test. I then spent the next 3½ years dealing with the results of that test in various forms. The constant assumption in … Continue reading

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It is written

Easter 3 – St. Luke 24:36-49 Today, in our Gospel text, Jesus appears to His disciples on Easter Sunday evening. The disciples are in a state of shock, and do not understand the things that have happened, most especially the … Continue reading

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The good news of Alleluia!

Some things are just impossible to do. It’s impossible to touch your elbow with your tongue. It’s impossible to turn your neck around in a complete circle. You just cannot do it. Now you may be thinking that these things … Continue reading

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April 2015 newsletter

First Lutheran Church     Plainville, Kansas Peace Lutheran Church    Natoma, Kansas April, 2015 Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are you in school or out of school?  Are you working or are you retired?  Are you married?  … Continue reading

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