The good news of Alleluia!

Some things are just impossible to do. It’s impossible to touch your elbow with your tongue. It’s impossible to turn your neck around in a complete circle. You just cannot do it.

Now you may be thinking that these things are silly and why would you ever want to try them; although I am sure that at one point or another, you have tried. But there is one other thing that is impossible to do: saying alleluia with a straight face.

You simply cannot do it: the word alleluia brings an instant smile to your face because it is a word of celebration, a word of exaltation, a word that breathes life into all those who speak it.

Alleluia is the word of the resurrection of Christ; it is our immediate response to the good news that Jesus Christ is risen from the tomb. No other words can express our joy, no other word can explain how we feel, no other word can show what good news this is to all those who believe.

Alleluia is the language of the saints in heaven, and when we sing it in our hymns, when we speak it in our words with one another, we are speaking the language of those who stand around the throne and sing praises to the Lamb who was slain, who now lives and reigns for all eternity.

The word alleluia is associated with the triumph of Christ over sin, death and hell, there is no other way to put it; it breathes life into all those who speak it and all those who hear it, for its mere mention reminds us of nothing else, but the resurrection of Christ, of His ascension into glory, and His eternal glory.

Think about that: the resurrection of Christ is such good news; such power; such glory; that a new word had to be invented to celebrate it. And that word is alleluia. That simple word that we speak at the side of the grave of loved ones at the close of the committal; that simple word that we will repeat so often in the coming weeks; that simple word that reminds us of nothing else, than Christ and His victory.

What more is there to say, than to say, no shout with a smile on your face: Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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