Baltimore and the Royals

It’s a girl!

That was the news that flashed across my facebook feed this morning, that sometime in the previous hours, Prince William and Lady Katherine were the proud parents of a baby girl. The child, apparently not named yet, joins William, Katherine and George in the royal household.

This newborn child will have a great many blessings in life: the best schools, or tutors, money can buy. A lavish life growing up and living in the palace. Outside of charity work, it is quite possible she will never hold a real 9-5 job a day in her life. Although she is not likely to ascend to the throne of England, she will none-the-less enjoy many of the benefits that go with being a member of the royal family. One day, she will marry; but make no mistake about it, her husband will be no slouch either. Katherine is not a royal by blood, but William did not meet her at Buffalo Wild Wings either; Katherine grew up in a well to do home of her own.

And so from a distance many of us look and marvel at the blessings this child will have in life; how hard work and sweat and tears will not be familiar to her, or any of her immediate family.

And at the same time this news breaks, there is further unrest out of Baltimore, and many other cities in what used to be part of the British Empire. One need only look at the news, and wonder how different some of the lives of those rioting would be if they had the benefits of school and wealth and social status that this newborn child now enjoys. How different some of the lives in Baltimore would be today, if they had been born into the Royal family.

But do you know what this newborn child’s greatest blessing is? Do you know why she will succeed in life? It’s not because of the palaces she will live in, or the schools she will attend, or even the clothes she wears. The greatest blessing this child has, the one thing that will do more for her than anything else she could ever receive from her great-grandmother or her grandfather, is that she will grow up in a 2 parent home.

That is the greatest advantage this newborn child has received: she will grow up in a home with both a mom and a dad who love her, and who will teach her right and wrong, and who will model what a godly marriage looks like.

And you don’t have to be a member of the royal family to get such an advantage; it is proven that children who grow up in homes with a mom and a dad, are more likely to succeed, more likely to prosper, more likely to become upstanding citizens of the community than those who do not.

Make no mistake about it, there is sin in the world, and sin does terrible things. Growing up in a 2 parent home does not guarantee anything, but it does give you better odds going forward. Growing up in a 1 parent home does not condemn you to prison either; many people grow up in 1 parent homes and do just fine in life; but the odds are against them.

The rioters in Baltimore can complain about poor schools and bad jobs and a city that is falling apart all they want, and in some cases they are correct. But the number 1 problem in Baltimore is a lack of 2 parent households.

The child born to Prince William and Lady Katherine is blessed beyond measure, not because of schools or wealth, but because she was born into a home with a mom and a dad; and that is far more valuable than anything else.

If only the former colonies could figure that out.

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