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I have found the book!

Reformation Sunday – 2 Kings 22:8-20

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That’s my manger box! – An Advent Series

Greetings to you! A few years ago I preached what I believe to be a unique Advent series at the congregations I serve.  The idea can be found here in a newsletter article, but to summarize, the series looks at the 4 … Continue reading

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Why I still go to sporting events

Perhaps you have seen this meme floating around the internet in various places.  It is meant to be cute, meant to be thought provoking, meant to point out the irony of the reasons people have for not coming to church … Continue reading

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The Possibilities of God

Pentecost 21 – St. Mark 10:23-31 What is the most impressive thing God can do? That is a rather staggering question to ask ourselves, especially when you consider that God has done and continues to do so much. It would … Continue reading

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Good Teacher v. Great Possessions

20th Sunday after Pentecost – St. Mark 10:17-22 When we read our Gospel text of the man who recognizes Jesus and who wants to follow Him, but who at the end walks away very sad when Jesus tells him to … Continue reading

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The LWML got it right

All last week I moaned and groaned about Sunday being LWML Sunday, and how that was preventing me from preaching on the text I wanted to preach on which was Genesis 2:18-25. So I wrote a sermon on the suggested … Continue reading

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Seek first

19th Sunday after Pentecost / LWML Sunday – St. Matthew 6:22-34 There is a video out of New York City that has been making the rounds lately.  It shows an infamous New York City rat running down the steps to … Continue reading

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