Advent preview 2015

First Lutheran Church  Plainville, Kansas

Peace Lutheran Church  Natoma, Kansas

December, 2015

All I want for Christmas is…

Now depending on a couple of factors, you are going to finish that line in one of two ways: either with the classic and ever popular ‘my two front teeth’ or with the more recent Mariah Carey pop song ‘you’.

Yes, the time of Christmas has really become a time of asking others what they would like for Christmas, and the answer being anything from an assortment of toys and gadgets and books, to perhaps the less material things of family, good health, and peace on earth.

Yes, more than a few times in the coming weeks, the phrase ‘All I want for Christmas…’ will be spoken, and it will be followed by things that may or may not be possible for others to grant.  It is quite easy to go to the store and get a toy or gadget; it is perhaps not so easy to mend family bonds, or bring home a soldier who is stationed overseas.

Yet, what we desire most for Christmas, is actually much easier to receive than we might imagine; and it does not require a trip to Walmart on Black Friday, or ordering off the internet, or even performing a flight connection miracle.  All one must do, is come to church and receive the gifts that the Lord has set aside for us.

What do you want for Christmas?  How about a certain future?  How about something that tells you that when you die, you will be taken care of; that your friends and family can rest secure knowing that you are happy and will be reunited with them again?

The Church provides that for you in the waters of Holy Baptism, where the water and the word gives you the assurance of eternal life with all believers in Christ.

What do you want for Christmas?  How about a meal that fills you, and not one that leaves you wanting for more, or one that makes you wonder what just happened?  How about a meal that looks small, but provides a huge benefit?

The Church provides that for you in the Lord’s Supper, where the bread and wine, the body and blood of Christ Jesus are given and shed for you as a foretaste of the feast to come in eternity.

What do you want for Christmas?  How about the assurance that your words, thoughts and actions that you have committed in perhaps your darker moments are no longer held against you?  How about a promise that the Lord does not look upon you with anger and hatred, but rather with love and mercy?

The Church provides that in the absolution, where you hear with your own ears that all of your sins in thought, word and deed are nailed to the cross of Christ, and you are made clean in the blood of the Lamb.

What do you want for Christmas?  How about someone to come to you and tell you that you are holy and precious in God’s eyes?  How about someone who takes the scorn and the wrath of the Father upon Himself, and leaves you with the blessings and promises of eternal life?

The Church provides that in the one who lies in the manger, Jesus, the Son of God, who has come into the world to redeem you from the curse of sin, death and hell.

Whatever you want for Christmas, you can find it in the Church.

Join us on Wednesday evenings at 7PM at First Lutheran, Plainville as we gather for prayer, song, and word; focusing on the gifts that are given to us not just on Christmas, but each time we gather as the people of God.  Also make sure to make use of the special daily devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries.

God Bless!

Pastor Schmidt

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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