I know

I know it is hard, but it is time to face the facts.

We all have to do it; we all have to admit that something we do not want to be true really is true.  It is a part of life.

I know it is hard to admit that Han Solo is dead, but he is.

You cannot endure a light saber to the chest AND a massive drop into darkness and survive.

Why are we so hard pressed to admit that which we have seen with our own eyes on movie screens all around the country?

Because Han Solo was our ticket into the Star Wars universe.  We all went to the doctors and had our midichlorian count tested, and we all came back negative.  None of us are of the Skywalker family tree; none of us are Jedi; and for that matter none of us are Sith or Wookies or Jawas or droids or anybody else either.

But we could be Han Solo.

Han Solo didn’t have a midichlorian count, nor did he have a light-saber.  Han Solo was just an ordinary guy, who got to go on missions with Luke; who got the girl in Leia; who flew a cool ship in the Millennium Falcon.  Han Solo was proof that there was room in the Star Wars universe for people who were otherwise normal.

And then he died, in somewhat spectacular fashion.  And our window into the world of Star Wars was lost.

Rey is clearly of Jedi descent, the only question is how and to what family.  Finn has committed the serial offense of being in the First Order, so you have to wonder if there is going to be a pull for him to go back; Kylo-Ren is clearly the bad guy; and Leia is still a Skywalker.

When the light-saber entered into Han Solo, it entered into all of us; when he fell into the pit of darkness on a planet that was about to explode, so did each of us.

I know it is hard to admit it, but it is time to do so – Han Solo is dead.  Star Wars won’t ever be the same, because we are no longer in it.

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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One Response to I know

  1. Jonny Rev says:

    What about Finn though? He’s the one who was in the First Order, having been ripped away from his family and reprogrammed to follow orders. Can we not find solace in him now? I say this to add a bit of theology to the mix… Sorry Hoppe, but this nerd saw it fit to do so 🙂 … It is the sinner/saint complex. Humanity was reprogrammed through sin. We look at the world around us and we see what this reprogramming has done to it. But something outside of ourselves comes and programs correctly, maybe it was the force in the movie, just like it is the Gospel in our lives? Just food for thought for us theological nerds…

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