Your New Year’s Resolution

First Lutheran Church  Plainville, Kansas

Peace Lutheran Church  Natoma, Kansas

January, 2016

Like most Americans, I find myself to be extremely qualified for the task of running the nation as President of the United States.  And like most Americans, due to a number of factors, the odds of me becoming President of the United States are extremely small.

But why can I make such a boast?  Why makes me think I can do a better job than anyone currently serving or running for office?  Why do I have equal confidence that you too are qualified to govern the nation from the highest office in the land?

Like most people, we can again claim that we have watched enough cable news shows, read enough internet sites, and talked to enough other people, that we have gained the special insight into how to solve the nations and the world’s problems, through common sense.

But of course everyone can say that.  But you and I can add another qualification to our resumes for running the nation.

We have read and studied Martin Luther’s Large Catechism.

How does that qualify you or me for anything?

Think about what Luther writes.  His explanation of the Ten Commandments covers all the laws of our land.  His wonderful explanation of the Apostle’s Creed is rich in demonstrating how God provides, Jesus saves, and the Holy Spirit calls, gathers and enlightens.  The Lord’s Prayer is summed up in the final petition ‘deliver us from the evil one’.  Baptism reminds us that we are God’s children, called to live as shining lights in the world.  Confession and Absolution push us to forgive our neighbors just as completely and richly and freely as God has forgiven us.  And Lord’s Supper gives us strength as we face the many trials and temptations around us.

I am not talking about converting the entire government to Lutheranism, nor am I arguing for Lutheranism to become the official religion of the land.  But what I am saying, is that as the bearers of Luther’s Large Catechism, we have a simple and basic insight into how we are to live our lives and oversee our households; all of which is just done on a much larger scale in state houses and in Washington DC.

The other day a crazy idea entered into my head, and rolled around for a few hours.  What if we ordered copies of The Large Catechism, and mailed a copy to the President, Vice-President, the 12 cabinet secretaries, the 9 Supreme Court justices, and all 100 senators, 435 representatives and all 50 governors and lieutenant governors?

Crazy idea?  I warned you.  Waste of money?  Possibly, as I doubt any would actually read them as they undoubtedly get many unsolicited books in the mail.  Time better spent sending them copies of other books on economics and foreign policy?  Now that is where we would disagree.

In all seriousness, what better book would there be to read for those who make, administer and judge our laws?

For now though, I encourage you to make reading Luther’s Large Catechism one of your New Year’s resolutions.  It can easily be divided up and done in about 15 minutes a day.

You or I may not be the next President of the United States and have the opportunity to change the world from the oval office, but we do have the opportunity to shine as lights in the world for all to see.  What better book is there to read for such a task, then the Large Catechism?

For copies of The Large Catechism, call Concordia Publishing House at 1-800-345-3040 and ask for item #223116.  It is about $12.  If you would like, we can also order you a copy through the church or go to

God Bless!

Pastor Schmidt

About revschmidt

An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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