The next front

I recently finished leading a Bible study called ‘What is this?’ which was put out by the LCMS and Lutherans For Life.  It focused on three areas from which we argue the position of life – science, history and God’s Word.

I would recommend the study, it is good and has some quality resources.  But something struck me as we went through the study – technology has provided the solid reasoning against abortion.  As we saw in numerous slides and in a video about sonogram technology, we can see and know more than our predecessors ever did.  There is no argument against what is plainly seen – what is developing inside of the womb of the mother is a baby from day 1.  Of course, I say this after NARAL has criticized a Doritos Super Bowl commercial featuring a couple viewing the sonogram of their child, saying the sonogram has humanized the fetus too much.

Young people however get this, even if NARAL and others refuse to; young people see it, they know it, and it is reflected in polls nationwide; young people are overwhelmingly against abortion.

It is therefore safe to assume, that over the next generation, regardless of what happens in statehouses and courtrooms, the number of abortions will continue to decline.  Thanks be to God!

For the past 40+ years, men and women have bravely stood up and testified that life is precious, and it is to be protected from the moment of conception.

That fight continues in courtrooms and statehouses until the evil of abortion is removed from our midst.

But hold on, while the number of abortion will continue to decline, so too does the live birthrate.  The birthrate in the United States is barely 2, and the only reason it is that high is because of immigration.  Subtract immigration and the birthrate struggles to get to 1.9.

And so now is the time (perhaps beyond time?) to pick up the next fight.  We have achieved the goal of pushing abortion back from the frontlines, but a new battle now must be waged.

Young people are not having abortions, but they are also not having children.  People are still having sex, so what is the discrepancy resulting in such a low birthrate?

The problem is birth control; young people still have sex, but by virtue of birth control, they are not getting pregnant.  In the minds of young and old, this solves the issue of being faced with an unexpected pregnancy and being pressured with an abortion; but still rejects the fullness of the pro-life position which embraces having kids.

Hence it is time to move on to the next steps in the pro-life movement.  The fight against abortion continues; but now it is time to pick up the battle on the next different front that is equally important.

The next step is a pro-family front.  It is not enough to just say that we are pro-life and that life needs to be protected from conception to natural death; there also needs to be discussion and movement about the value of children and bringing them up in the faith.  There needs to be a movement which advocates that children are pleasing to the Lord, and how children are a natural and blessed result of marriage.

For while we have taught young people that life in the womb is precious, we have fallen short in teaching them that that same life outside the womb is precious as well; that bringing that life into families and bringing them up in the faith is equally important.  We have slowed the slaughter of babies, but we are not seeing the expected increase in live births; it is time to teach that life is precious inside and outside the womb, and that families are indeed pleasing to God.

A new movement begins in the world, the battle for life is in the homestretch of victory, it is time to move into the next battle front – Lutherans For Family.

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An LCMS Pastor in North-Central Kansas
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